Wayne T. Adams

The Prayer of the Craft

Almighty God, Maker of all things, Judge of all men;

Strengthen our Faith.
Give us confidence in our Hope for all that is good
and let our Charity extend to the end our our days.

Help us to aid, support
and protect each other;
Unite in our Craft men
of every country, sect and opinion;
Conciliate true friendship among us
that Brotherly Love may prevail;
Provide Relief to all those in trouble, sorrow,
need, sickness or any other distress;
especially to the Brother whose name we now speak in our hearts; and
Guide our conduct in the way of Truth.

Moderate our affections and passions
that we may avoid intemperance or excess;
Strengthen us that we may face with courage
the pain, peril and danger that is a part of life;
Teach us to regulate our lives and conduct
agreeable to the dictates of reason
that we may wisely judge
and prudentially determine on all things;
Enable us to render unto each man
his just due without distinction
that we may strengthen
the social fabric of our communities; and
Teach us limit our desires in every way
that we may rise by merit,
live respected, die regretted
and, in the fullness of time, serve Thee
before Thy throne in the Celestial Lodge above.

All this we ask in Thy Holy Name.

By Brother Wayne T. Adams, PGM of Maine, published in the Maine Mason magazine, c.March 2005 and shared here with permission.