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Tim Bryce
  1. Have We Lost...
  2. A Foot Soldier For Freemasonry

Have We Lost...

Have we lost our sense of proportion?
Have we lost our ability —
To laugh at ourselves;
To learn from our mistakes, to adapt to change;
To be honest with ourselves and others;
To practice patience when others would lose their temper;
To help those in distress, not for profit or gain, but to simply lend a helping hand?

Have we lost our common touch?
Have we lost our ability —
To be sincere without looking embarrassed;
To work and walk with all mankind;
To be generous when others are greedy;
To sacrifice so the next generation may prosper;
To love each other and help those in need;
To respect the dignity of all forms of life?

Have we lost our integrity?
Have we lost our ability —
To keep a promise;
To be loyal to our friends, family, and the institutions we belong to and work in;
To be prudent, diligent, temperate, and discreet;
To volunteer to take on a task when others will not;
To keep the faith when others forget to;
To honor our forefathers and family?

Have we lost our sense of character?
Have we lost our ability —
To push on where others say it is pointless;
To stand up to a wrong regardless of the odds;
To be accountable and not be afraid to say, "I made a mistake;"
To respect the rights of others as we would have them respect ours;
To admit defeat graciously and offer sincere congratulations to the victor?

Have we lost our resoluteness?
Have we lost our ability —
To overcome adversity;
To do what is right regardless of the cost;
To remain cool under pressure when others would snap;
To constantly look to improve and seek perfection;
To offer suggestions when others simply criticize or complain;
To dare greatly, to achieve the seemingly impossible, yet missing it time and again?

Have we lost our competence?
Have we lost our ability —
To master our craft;
To challenge the status quo and evolve;
To recognize our deficiencies and limitations and constantly seek self-improvement;
To entertain new ideas and not impede progress;
To be proud of the products and services we produce;
To recognize the customer as king, that quality and service are not hallow words?

Have we lost sight of our place in society?
Have we lost our ability —
To respect our superiors and embolden our subordinates;
To practice common courtesy;
To have the courage to be polite when others are not;
To take instruction and criticism constructively;
To be humble when accepting accolades and recognize those who helped us in our journey?

Have we lost our resolve to live life to the fullest?
Have we lost our ability —
To enjoy the simple pleasures we have, and not those we have not;
To appreciate the blessings of the earth;
To cherish our family and friends?

For if we have, then our story is told, and our lives are lost.

July, 2005

A Foot Soldier For Freemasonry

I carry no bullet or bomb in my kit,
Just a spoken word and a brotherly grip.
My mission is neither holy or unjust,
It is simply brotherhood, charity, and trust.
I seek no office, I have but three degrees,
Making me a proud foot soldier for Freemasonry.

Our enemy is ignorance, of our customs and belief,
We simply cherish honor, ethics, and relief.
We are not a cult which deals in witchcraft or some perverse hate,
We are not an invisible empire with a questionable faith.
Our precepts foster citizenship, hope and charity,
Our intentions are honorable and promotes morality.

Members of our army are found in all walks of life,
All armed with ethics, intent on fighting strife.
A closed society we are not, we welcome all breeds,
We welcome men of all color, race, faith, and creeds.
But make no mistake, being a member should not be taken lightly,
It requires honesty, integrity, and love of the Almighty.
Our mission is to seek truth, justice, and help others renew,
To build a better world for all people, not just the chosen few.
But our soldiers grow weary, and our numbers dwindle,
We need to rearm and enlist new soldiers to rekindle.
Such men exist my Brothers, I tell you this with certainty,
If we are to survive, we need new foot soldiers for Freemasonry.

July 2007

Tim Bryce

Mr. Bryce is a writer and management consultant located in Palm Harbor, Florida, USA.
He is a Past Master, and a member of the Philalethes Society.
He may be reached by e-mail at