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Kris DeLong
  1. Fraternal Brethren
  2. A Sigh Of Relief

Worshipful Brother DeLong is a member of the Craft in my own grand jurisdiction. He has been most active on membership committees for various concordant bodies of Maine and is a most valued worker in the quarries. The 'strife' he refers to indeed puzzles us all at some point in our journey.

Fraternal Brethren

I am a Master Mason who:
Became a York Rite Mason
who supports the Templar Eye Foundation!
Became a Scottish Rite Mason
who supports the Children's Learning Centers!
Became a Shrine Mason
who supports the Shriners Hospitals for Children!
Became puzzled when hearing some strife
between a few fraternal brothers,
Who did not realize the real picture
of our fraternal philanthropies of all Masons!
Such distress I had seeing this, until
I saw a friend's child touched by this compassion
Of Masons all who gave of themselves
in time and dollar, did I realize
That we all not only meet on the level,
but give with fervent passion!

A Sigh of Relief

As my last act as Master,
I walked out of the lodge in procession.
My heart was beating faster!
Many thoughts were racing in my mind!
Did I fulfill my oaths the previous installation?
Or did I let my brethren down in humiliation.
As I re-entered the lodge to seat myself,
My growing emotions were taking over.
Suddenly it dawned on me when I observed,
My previous officers take their solumn vows,
To support their Lodge and Master.
That without their help, I would have served with disaster!
At that very moment, I shed that feeling of conceit,
And finally relaxed and heaved a sigh of relief!

submitted 3/6/06

Kris DeLong

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