Charles Fotheringham

Table of Contents


If there were no bright stars to gleam,
No moon adorned with silv'ry sheen,
No rising sun, no brilliant ray,
Or light to tell the night from day;

If there were no rare beauteous flowers
With perfume sweet, no shady bowers,
No trees or grasses clothed in green,
Or colours in the world be seen;

If there were no kind hearts today,
No smiles to cheer us on life's way,
Or helping hand to aid us on,
A friend we could depend upon;

If it were thus, how drab 'twould be,
No impulse for humanity
To reach up to the glorious heights,
And strive to win to heavenly light.

So thus it is, by light and shade,
With colours glowing bright, to fade,
Can man esteem within his mind
God's glorious gift to humankind.

The Road

Travelling along life's highway, a moving, crowding throng,
The march of life unceasing, humanity stumbling on.
Some are seeking pleasure, seeking they know not where,
And ever in their searching, sinking to despair;

Others look for treasure and power that will not last,
Trampling down their fellows, gold within their grasp,
All else seems as nothing, on to power through greed,
Leaving the sick and sorrowing, suffering and in need;

Some are journeying onward, seeking inward peace,
From their cares and burdens finding no release;
Others finding great success in worldly things about,
And having thus attained them, the bottom of life falls out.

Along the road there travels One whom few will heed,
Some can feel His presence, all His blessing need;
One who can truly guide them, and yet they pass Him by,
He watches all this marching throng with sad and wistful eye;

He sees the curse of selfishness, the horror of our greed,
He hears the cry of hungry ones suffering and in need;
"How long, O God, how long," He asks, "will humanity go on
In blinded folly, sin and shame," again He cries: "How long?"

And thus it is from day to day as time goes passing by,
We seek that which is futile and leave God to rust, to die,
Oh, if we knew the golden rule and taught it by our lives,
He would not feel 'twas all in vain, His wondrous sacrifice;

Union blessed with love to all, unselfish service given,
Will help us all along the road and here we shall find heaven;
And sweet the smiling face of Him is watching us go by
Along the great wide road of life that leads to God on high.

Bless Thy Church

Bless Thy church, Oh God, today,
Bless Thy children as they pray,
Bless the bells, the dulcet tones,
Bless the represented homes,
Bless Thy ministers of light,
Leading souls from out the night,
Bless the music as it soars,
Reaching to the heavenly shores,
Bless to us the inspiring word,
Bless, oh bless us all, Dear Lord.

Bless us through the coming week.
Keep us faithful, pure and meek,
Bless us in our daily task,
Bless the strength and grace we ask,
Bless our loved ones through this life,
Give us courage in the strife,
Bless our thoughts and words and deeds,
To Thy service bless our needs,
And in blessing us, may we
Bless Thy Name, Eternally.

God's Gift

God gave to us this wondrous earth,
And knowledge to appraise its worth,
And skill to mine;
The riches we may thus attain,
And stores of treasure thus obtain,
Too vast for mortal to explain,
Or e'er define.

The fruit upon the tree He gave,
And water on the shore to wave,
And give increase;
That man may have abundant life,
Means to appease his appetite,
That there be no disturbing strife,
But love and peace.

And in return, He asks but this,
(That all may have eternal bliss)
His Church sustain;
And then within His sacred place,
We shall receive unending grace,
And at length stand face to face,
In His Domain.

My Prayer

O let me be more gracious, kind,
As I pass along life's way,
And leave more pleasant thoughts and deeds,
With the passing of each day.

To use the things that I possess,
In service full and free,
To sacrifice my smaller self,
That larger good may be.

To give true love and friendship,
That all may truly live,
And use my gifts and talents,
With the best I have to give.

To share with all God's children,
All worthwhile things that are,
To be less keen to criticize,
And know it's better far

That I should go the second mile,
Ever with friend or foe,
Never consider my selfish self,
Seek goodness, will it so.

Take the bitter with the sweet,
The sunshine with the rain,
Never think of "what I want",
From all things wrong refrain.

To keep my faith both firm and strong,
To comfort those in need,
To help along my fellow men,
And do the gracious deed.

May God give me the strength of heart,
My tasks to e'er fulfill,
To do, to think. to understand,
And do His blessed will.


Give to your God, return to Him
The smallest portion He has given,
To aid His children 'long the road,
Up to the gates of Heaven.

Give to your God, His church sustain,
That others may His grace receive,
Within the house of His abode,
Their weary souls relieve.

Give to your God, thus you will build
Your future home above,
'Tis only what you give, not buy,
Not price, not gain, but love.

Give to your God, you surely know,
Whate'er you give is only lent,
And will return a hundred-fold,
A balance truly munificent.

When I Can Find The Time

There are so many things I want to do
When I can find the time,
I'll visit my friends who are tried and true,
When I can find the time;
And those whose life is full of care,
I'll raise them up from dark despair,
And with them all good things will share,
When I can find the time.

When you can find the time, my friend,
It may be then too late,
For on this earth we've once to wend,
It may be then too late;
They'll never know your kind intent,
Or what you planned and kindly meant,
To fill their hearts with sweet content,
It may be then too late.

Now is the time, my friend, don't wait,
Tomorrow is too late,
The present is all, don't hesitate,
Tomorrow is too late;
Now while you see and feel and hear,
Scatter your smiles and loving cheer,
To those you love and hold so dear,
Tomorrow is too late.

Let Us Pray

In early morning's quiet hour,
When nature yet is sleeping,
O let me pray, Dear Lord, to Thee
For all within Thy keeping.

To pray for those with care pressed down,
Their sorrows to be lightened,
The sun may shine for them today,
Their weary way be brightened.

To pray for all Thy children dear,
That guidance may be given,
That they who have them in their care
May point the way to heaven.

To pray for those whose aged feet
The path of life has wearied,
That blessed rest and sweet repose
Be theirs when Heaven's nearing.

To pray for those who toil so hard,
And those who hungry be,
Give to them strength, give to them bread,
Then let them learn of Thee.

To pray that I may pray the prayer
Of Christ, Thine own dear Son,
Whatever Thou wouldst have me do,
Dear Lord, Thy Will Be done.

Judas Iscariot

He didn't know of the prophecy,
That Christ was born to die.
He only believed that Christ was God,
And to prove it, he must try;

He didn't know he must betray
His dearest, his only friend,
He didn't know his loving kiss
Would in Crucifixion end.

He knew the anguish of a rejected soul,
The deep distress of a broken heart,
The disappointment of a hope now dead,
That in all life he had no part;

He knew of a greater suffering
Than the one who hung on the Cross,
He knew of Hell's deepest agony,
No Love - no Hope - all loss.

And thus it was that Judas died,
Despised, rejected, of no worth,
Not a word of kindly pity
From one soul on mother earth;

A suicide lying in potter's field
Because of mis-directed love,
Dear God, give him peace and comfort.
And happiness in Heaven above.

When I Awake

When in the early morning, Lord,
I wake from restful sleep,
Help me to walk all day with Thee,
My soul Thou then shall keep.

Walk Thou with me, I cannot stray
From Love like Thine, so true,
The snares of life can never tempt
Me from Thy tender view.

So as I walk along with Thee,
My words and thoughts and deeds
Shall be like unto all Thine own,
Fulfilling all my needs.

And walking thus with Thee all day,
My rest at night shall be
A quiet, calm and Holy rest,
At peace and still with Thee.


God must have loved the common people
He made so many of them;
So why should we, the common herd,
Make neighbours such a problem.

Why gossip about the way they live
Or how they wash the dishes?
Why not just leave them quite alone,
But give them our best wishes?

'Cause we can't help but nose around,
We really love our neighbours,
And when they really need a hand,
We'll help them with their labours.

If we were aught but meddling fools,
The world would lose its savour,
God just made us all that way,
Yes — each to each a neighbour.

Just A Little Smile

When things go wrong as they sometimes do,
And troubles darken all your view,
That's the time when it's up to you
To give a little smile.

When cares and sorrow weigh your heart,
And those you love from you depart,
Or when you feel the tear-drop start,
Just give a little smile.

When weary, worn, old and grey,
And footsteps falter 'long the way,
When comes the end, the close of day,
Rest with a little smile.

The long day closes, but the morn
Comes with the sun, God's golden dawn,
Awakes the souls, on wings upborne,
Makes all the angels smile.

The Minister

He's only a country parson
Living the simple life,
Preaching the Holy Gospel,
Shedding the heavenly light,
Practicing what he preaches,
Going the second mile,
Giving to all of God's creatures,
Service that's really worthwhile.

His methods of action, true Christian,
Kindliness gleams in his eye,
His laugh at a joke is quite hearty,
Only filth in a mind he'd pass by,
His friendship is true and loyal,
His life is as clean as can be,
His words and acts are straightforward
And open for all men to see.

His love for his people is god-like,
Solicitous toward them, his care,
He'll help those who do not deserve it,
To do this he'll go anywhere,
Out on his labour he'll travel,
Be the weather foul or fair,
Just at the place where he's needed,
You'll find him ministering there.

The aged and sick where he visits
Are better because he's been there,
Their burdens and crosses he carries,
A blessing he leaves for their care.
He gives 'till he's hurt in the giving,
For the poor and the rich there's a smile,
He's a man among men, this preacher,
Living a life that's worthwhile.


Lord, Thy loving care entreating,
We before Thy Altar stand,
Our misdeeds to Thee confessing,
Aid us with Thy gracious hand;

Thoughts and words, all unloving,
Rise before us as we pray,
Acts unworthy, done unthinking,
O forgive us, Lord, today.

May our lips sing forth Thy praises
And our hands work to Thy Love,
Let our feet walk in Thy footsteps,
'Till we reach Thy heaven above;

Watch and guide us, Heavenly Father,
May our lives be just like Thine,
Give us courage, faith and comfort,
Let our hearts with Thine entwine.

Birthday Wish

Many happy returns of the day, my dear,
Good fortune and true happiness,
Health and prosperity ever be yours,
May your shadow never grow less.

If you get all I would wish you, my dear,
Your life would be full and real snappy,
But the best thing of all I wish for you,
"I hope you live long and die happy."



Peace be with you as you enter,
Obey the mandates of your Lord,
Righteous be in every action,
Truth be ever in your word.

Every virtue in you cherish,
Love and justice be your guide,
Gracious be in every gesture,
Innocence in you preside.
Nourish faith and hope, then foster

Union with your fellow man,
Nearer to your God approaching,
Incline your heart to His great plan.
Trust with faith and hope abundant,
Enter now God's holy place,
Dearer to your hearts, redundant,

Christ will give his blessed grace.
Honour God, list to His precepts,
Unite your life with His today,
Resolve to know His will, then do it,
Christian virtues e'er display.
Here find peace in God your Father,
Leave behind all care and strife,
Enter now His courts with gladness,
Consecrate anew your life.

Something Really Worthwhile

I sought to know at the end of the day,
Did I do a good deed along the way,
To help another, or did I say
Something Really Worthwhile.

Did I give a smile as I passed folks by,
Or help to relieve some heart-felt sigh,
Go out of my way and really try
Something Really Worthwhile.

Did I open my heart and open my purse,
Or did I quote psalms, religious verse,
To those who had lost, did I reimburse
Something Really Worthwhile.

Were my acts through the day of stern rectitude,
Were they kindly and gentle or the acts of a prude,
Were they honest and upright, and meant to include
Something Really Worthwhile.

Did I send forth good thoughts or were they obscure,
Or thoughts that would the best things adjure,
Did I think as I ought and thus ensure
Something Really Worthwhile.

Did I in my prayers, pray for another,
Did I ask for myself and not even bother
To plead with God to give my brother
Something Really Worthwhile.

O then, Dear Father, in thought, word and deed,
May I ever remember another's great need,
And throughout all my life to them concede
Something Really Worthwhile.

Pax Dei

May no strife disturb your day,
Or Sorrow invade your night,
May the pillow of peace
Kiss your cheek,
And all your dreams be bright.

When length of years with many cares
Make us weary of joys of earth,
May the curtain of death
Close with gentleness
O'er the scenes of sadness or dearth.

May the angels of God attend your bed,
Watching the flickering light,
That the expiring lamp
Receive no rude blast,
To shatter or hasten its flight.

May the blessing of God keep us above
All sin and impurity,
And prepare us to enter
His blessed abode
Of endless felicity.

A Hundredfold

I met a stranger in the night
Whose lamp had ceased to shine,
I lingered that he might re-light,
He took a flame from mine.

A storm came up while it was dark
And shook the earth about,
And when the wind had almost gone,
I found my light was out.

But back to me the stranger came,
His lamp was glowing fine,
He held for me the precious flame,
From which I then lit mine.

And thus it is thruout all life,
In Sacred Volume told,
"Cast thy bread upon the flood,
'Twill return a hundred fold".

A Wish

Dear Friend, I do so want to give
A wish that will forever live,
That in the future years to be
Your life be full of mirth and glee.

O may all things in life be good,
Your faith grow stronger in your God,
That hopes in life be all fulfilled,
All anxious fears forever stilled.

O may sweet music fill your soul
As on you journey to your goal,
Your life, Dear friend, I hope will be
A state of perfect harmony.

Such Is Life

Summer's here, skies of blue,
Pleasures waiting me and you
Life so thrilling to be won,
Welcome pleasure, Good-bye God.

Winter's here, cold and grey,
Death approaches 'long the way,
Old and weary, almost done,
Good-bye pleasure, Welcome God.

To Be A Christian

It isn't such an easy thing
To live a Christian life,
To do the things one ought to do,
And always stand for right.

The other fellow's striving too,
For things he thinks are true,
But he's got different thoughts
Upon the things that we must do.

One says you're not a Christian
If you haven't been submerged,
You will never get to heaven,
You have gone right off the verge.

Another, if you don't believe
This great predestination,
You are headed straight for Brimstone pit,
Eternal condemnation.

Another says, you must confess
To priests and dignitaries,
Believe in creeds and dogmas,
And also the Virgin Mary.

Another thinks to wash the feet
Is the only great solution
To save the soul from all its sins
And give you absolution.

Now I have thought that all these things
Are just about the limit,
You must think this and live your life,
No matter how you live it.

You can swear and drink and gamble too,
But come to church on Sunday,
Believe in what I tell you to,
And to heaven you’ll get some day.

I remember once I read a book
About a man named Jesus,
He didn't seem to fume and fret
About the creeds and dogmas.

He told us to be kind and good,
To help along a brother,
To give a break and never take
Advantage of another.

This seems to me to be the thing
That God's expecting from us,
If we would hope in life to come
To gain His blessed promise.

So let's forget about the things
That cause our separation,
Just live like Christ, do God's will,
And seek new Consecration.

Dear Madam

(To a lady who sent me a dinner)

Will you please allow me to thank ye
For the wonderful grub that ye sent me,
Sure now, it was fine,
och hone, it was prime,
Every bite that I ate was God bless ye.

The praties, my dear, were delicious,
The turnip, my darlin', conspicuous,
And the auld apple pie,
believe I'll die
Ere I ever taste one so temptatious.

The doughnuts were just made to order,
They just fairly made my mouth water,
I just took a bite,
you can bet your sweet life,
I didn't leave any to moulder.

The meat and the gravy, Lord love ye,
I can't find expression to tell ye,
But bear this in mind,
I thank ye most kind,
Here's your dishes and may the Lord bless ye.

Saint Patrick's Day

'Tis the glorious day of Saint Patrick,
Sure, the patron Saint of our land,
To-day is a day of rejoicing,
Come, Irishmen, give us your hand.

We rejoice we belong to old Ireland,
The land which St. Patrick has blessed,
'Tis the home of the rich green shamrock,
To Irishmen surely the best.

O sad was the day we divided
Our emerald-green Isle, Och-hone,
Bad cess to the men who decided
To break up our little sweet home.

We're Irish, but loyal to Britain,
And fighting for her just the same,
Britain will safeguard our freedom,
Then may we ne'er go down in shame.

There's Scotsmen, the Welsh and the English,
The Irish — the best of them all
If we would all stick together,
Begorra, we never could fall.

And the men who are bred from this bloodstream,
Being a mixture of the four,
Bedad, bejabers, what a blending,
Could anyone ask for more?

So now a toast to old Ireland.
The emerald-green Isle so blest.
St. Patrick, the dear little Shamrock,
To Irishmen - always the best.


'Twas in the evening twilight,
I saw her proudly stand,
The regiment was marching
To the playing of the band;

The tears were gently falling
From eyes that looked so true,
Her soldier boy was passing
With the others in review.

There was courage in her bearing
And devotion in her eyes,
Such pride and love o'erflowing,
Something more than worldly wise,

There seemed an inward surging
Of a trustful faith and hope,
Of a spirit knowing freedom,
That refused to blindly grope
Or bow to bloody tyrant,
Nor to servile state be broke,
For freeborn women never yet
Have suffered tyrants' yoke;

That head erect, defiant, proud,
Could ne'er to shame be bowed,
The fire and pride within her eyes
Seemed to proclaim aloud,

My heart can ne'er be broken
By terror or by death,
The spirit still upsoaring
On the wings of freedom's breath;

A thousand years or more I've stood
Upon this land so free,
And now I give this son of mine
That freedom still may be;

For liberty, truth and justice
Has been our watchword long,
Has been our theme and story,
Our glory and our song;

And none can take it from us,
Nor destruction, bomb or fire
Can stay the stately melody
Which comes from freedom's lyre;

With fidelity and loyalty
Her bearing seemed to be
A tribute to all womanhood,
For all the world to see.

Within a passing moment
A vision bright I saw
Of gracious, stately womanhood
That knew no other law

Than Right of Right and Truth of Truth
Within the lowly cot
Or stately mansion, castle, hall,
Whate'er their state or lot.

Our country then will flourish still,
No tyrant can despoil,
If cultured womanhood remains
To guard her native soil.

These Three Worthwhile

A friend in whom there is no guile,
Who'll keep a confidence, give a smile,
That will not in your trying hour
Forsake you, but give strength and power,
One to whom you can always go,
Pour out your trouble and your woe,
Share in your sadness or life's delights,
In rosy morn or darkest of nights.

A book to read in the twilight hours,
Forgetting the world, its sunshine and showers,
Therein to read the things of our Lord,
The Great Architect — His wonderful word,
To know that like Him who mingled with others,
That each one is equal and all men are brothers.

A lone country lane with high leafy trees,
A warm summer evening, a soft evening breeze,
To walk there with nature, to feel God is there,
To cast off our burdens and all earthly care,
Scan the wild flowers, probe to the heart,
To feel that in nature we are a part,
That God's ever mindful of all He has made,
We are His image, His wonderful shade.

A friend, a book, a lone country lane,
These are worthwhile when day starts to wane,
They help us to know that we're truly blest,
For in them we find a sweet solace and rest.

Jubilate Deo

To Thee, Our God, we lift our hearts in praise,
And with our voices joyful anthems raise,
Through all our lives Thy quickening pulse Divine
Gives life and love to all who claim are Thine;
Thy power alone creates within the breast
That Holy peace which satisfies, gives rest,
Then in Thy Love be near to those, who now
Before Thy Altar, in prayer and praise do bow.

Now we, Thy children, humbly pray,
Bless, oh bless our work today,
Give us harmony and peace,
That love and joy may e'er increase;
Within the walls, in every home,
Be Thou our guest; and when we roam,
Within our hearts forever be,
Crown our lives with love of Thee.

Glorious art Thou and raised above all others,
Thy praise resounds throughout the earth and sky,
Give grace, that men may live and love like brothers,
That strife and hate may thus forever die;
Praised by Thy Name, Thou God, Thou God Most High,
Praised be Thy Name, let Earth and Heaven reply,
Let all give thanks, and all Thy Name adore,
Give thanks to Thee, Our God, for evermore.

Our Own Reward

I have tried to understand the meaning and the ultimate of life,
Why there's so much less of beauty and so much more of strife;
I have looked to find the answer in the darkness of the night,
And in the noontime fullness when the sun was shining bright.

I sought to know the reason why there's so much less of mirth,
When the world's brimful of laughter in the wonder of the earth;
I have tried to understand the meaning and status of the Word,
I have sought for peace and comfort by appealing to the Lord.
Yet I know not how or why or the wherefore of our being,
Nor if a true God made us, why short-sightedness of seeing.

Why the hatred and aversion, why the wrong against the right,
Why should man be ever striving, why the darkness 'gainst the light.
Why the path of life is crooked, why the mind is oft enmeshed
In a dark, unending lab'rinth where wild terrors seem unleashed,
Why the soul cries out in anguish, why stripped naked, none to care,
Why the grov'ling in the cesspool of the deep and dark despair.

Why the agony and the torture, why all thought of worldly gain,
What's the meaning of the anguish, and the night of mental strain,
Why the contest, why the struggle, why contend and why to win,
Why the hurt, why discomfort, why the sinking into sin,
Why the helpless agitation, why the constant fear and dread,
Why the hurting and the killing just to earn our daily bread.

I have listened to the voices of the spirit-world at night,
I have sensed their very presence through the darkness and the light,
I have felt them in the ether wafted through the astral plane,
I have sought them in the spirit, when I slept, to wake again;
I have sought to find the answers that would give my heart relief,
I have looked but failed to find them, in blind faith, or new belief.

And still I go on seeking in a search that never ends,
Seeking one with understanding, one who comprehends.
Be still, my heart, be tranquil and in your travail pause,
Look deep within yourself and perhaps you'll find the cause;
God, in infinite wisdom, within the heart of man
Has placed the understanding and the meaning of His plan.

Be still, and stand in peace and calm and wait upon the Lord,
And in your peaceful calmness reflect upon His word;
There find th' eternal import and the oneness with his light,
And let your soul rest tranquil in His radiance, ever bright;
'Twill bring to you the meaning and the reason of your being,
With joy and consecration you will find the clearer seeing,

You'll know that God, who made you, gave you the light divine,
And the knowledge and the wisdom to right and wrong define,
Gave to your soul true beauty and to your heart a hope,
That in His strength and power, you need not blindly grope,
The Laws of God, immutable, He to our hearts made known,
For thus it was, and thus it is, Man reaps what he has sown.

Young People's Prayer

O Father; we have met
To worship Thee above,
Guide Thou our feet in ways of peace,
And purity and love.

O let our hearts abound
With hymns of cheerful praise,
A smile of gladness on our face,
A tribute to Thy grace.

And Father, when we take
Our various ways on earth,
O let us not forget this hour
Of fellowship and worth.

So when this life is o'er,
And ties of life are riven,
May we be found all gathered in,
Sweet fellowship in heaven.

Homemade Bread

Some folks delight in cookies,
In pies and all things sweet,
While others like the savories,
Onions, potatoes and meat.

Some go in for sloppy foods,
Porridge and soup from sheeps-head,
But for flavor and enjoyment,
Give me some homemade bread.

The baker's bread is good, I know,
And tasty, there's no doubt,
But his baking is a business
For with him the money counts.

But when a mother bakes it
For her own, I think you know,
She mixes love and tenderness
In with her yeast and dough.

And when the bread is risen,
Baked a beautiful brown,
There isn't a baker can compare,
In village, in city or town.

So for something that's delicious,
And nourishing, as I've said,
Give me a chunk of butter and
A loaf of homemade bread.

Behold The Man

He was born in a little village,
the child of a peasant maid;
The son of a labouring father,
a carpenter skilled, by trade;
He was taught the craft of his forebears,
and his prayers at his mother's knee;
Learned from the book of the prophets,
all the virtue and truth to see.

He never attended a college,
he never wrote a book,
But he loved the things of nature,
his God he could find in a brook,
Or in the archway of heaven,
the trees, the flowers of the field,
The stars in the constellation,
to him their secrets would yield.

He never had a home of his own,
nor the blessings of children or wife;
He never dwelt in the city,
for he loved the simple life;
He was an itinerant preacher,
but he never had a church;
He could hold by his power the multitude,
while he the scriptures would search.

He never traveled far from home,
or the place where he was born;
He loved to watch the setting sun,
or the waking of the dawn,
Of all the things that make up life,
(the things that we suppose),
He never knew the least of them,
yet he could disclose
The beauties of the daily life,
the goodness of the poor;
The virtues of an ardent soul,
the fragrance of the flower.

He never was associated with
the things that we call great.
He never sought for eminence
in the church or in the state;
He never painted a canvas rare,
or ever fashioned a stone,
Or wrote for man an exquisite poem,
he seemed to stand alone;
He never had credentials,
or the things of earth possessed,
He was filled with love and kindness,
taught these, nor e'er transgressed.

When the tide of public opinion turned
'gainst him, friends turned away;
Given over to his enemies for trial,
a mocking display.
He was nailed to a cross and crowned,
(for in ignorance, no one perceives),
And there he hung bleeding and dying,
suspended between two thieves.

There at the scene of His Passion,
the soldiers of Rome playing dice,
Gambling for his possessions,
his raiment "the throw", the price.
'Twas pity that gave the donation,
a tomb, his last resting-place,
Given in commiseration,
that death should not abase.

The years have passed and He stands out,
the Central Figure Sublime;
The Leader of all human progress,
the Exemplar of all time.
The armies that march on the earth,
to watch and guard all that be,
The navies that sail on the ocean,
to protect our shores while at sea,
All the Parliaments that sit legislating,
all the Kings and the Queens include,
Have not affected the life of a man
Like Him, who once hung on the rood.

A Symphony

To live content, though means be small,
To seek for grace, this above all,
To be refined, let fashion go,
To be more worthy, will it so,
To study hard, nor wealth nor power,
Use every minute of the hour,
Think quietly, gently speak,
Act frankly, and in all be meek,
Listen to babes, and to the stars,
With open heart, beyond your bars,
Bear all bravely, with cheerful mien,
Wait the moment with God unseen.

A Recipe for The New Year

Put in a dash of Kindness fair,
Then add true Understanding rare;
Pour in the Oil of Graciousness,
The Nectar of pure Thankfulness;

A nip of Faith, a pinch of Love.
A touch of Goodness from above;
Some rays of Hope, a pat of Joy,
One glass of Peace without alloy;

A measure of God's Charity,
Lots of seeing with Clarity;
A bit of Cheer, and some Leaven:
Drops of Relief, the choice of Heaven;

Mix together and make a blend,
Watchful be and ever attend
To Prayer with God, nor doubt nor fear,
Then You'll Have a Happy New Year.

This one was listed with the title How To Grow, but that doesn't seem as good as this.

It Doesn't Matter

It doesn't matter where you work
or what your work may be,
With brain or muscle you're employed,
regardless of the fee;
But what does matter is the way
in which you do your work,
That in the daily tasks of life
you ne'er your duty shirk.

It doesn't matter where you live,
in castle, hall, or cot,
The size, extent of your estate,
oh no, it matters not;
But what does matter is the way
in which you live your life,
And in the way you hold your chin,
in trouble and in strife.

It doesn't matter what your rank,
how high you've climbed in life,
For some must rule, the rest obey,
that is a law of life;
But what does matter is the way
that you have gained your ends,
By kindly deed and honest toil,
that's what matters, friends.