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Geoffrey Fox
  1. Brothers in Arms
  2. Intruders to Masonary
  3. The Real Freemasonry
  4. Cobweb Corner
  5. Poems in other files:
  6. Tetractys: Humbleness

Geoff writes: "I wrote this poem to remind myself that we as Masons should not look at the outward man, but rather the inward man."

Brothers in Arms

We meet on the level and part on the square
Fellowship we bring, fellowship we share
From distant countries we belong,
A brotherhood family, united and strong.

Race, colour, nationality or creed —
As Masonic brothers, we are freed.
In one accord for thy great design
Support us, guide us, Great Architect divine.

Stand Back boys!! This one looks us right in the eye!!!!

Intruders to Masonary

You might well say,”Are they Masons?”
They’ve been in lodge so long,
Regular in attendance and punctual as well,
So what’s the matter? What is wrong?

They come to lodge in one accord,
Invited in without consent,
They share themselves with Judas kiss
Creating havoc,causing dissent.

A daily advancement is their decree,
Working with such finesse,
Master craftsmen of their work,
With every brother they address.

Clouding thoughts,they do so well,
Whispering a word of grey,
Careful not to show themselves,
Working a lodge into decay.

Ah yes! Their work is a high standard,
But only a keen eye will see,
Their work is not Masonic work,
These intruders to Masonry.

Well,the time has come to lift the veil
And show these intruders-three,
To fight the foe within the lodge,
Brothers Contention, Apathy
And Complacency

The Real Freemasonry

Many a man has asked the question
What is Freemasonry?
Is it a club or some devilish cult,
Full of conspiracies?
Some would have many to believe,
From lack of facts or deceit,
Freemasonry is filled with corruption
Standing at Satan’s feet;

That we band together in our buildings
To perform unholy rites
With sacrifices of goodness knows what
To satisfy Satan’s delights;
And we ride the goat and fund the terrorists
And we’re into major crime,
Brain washing the world to join our sect
Whether old or in their prime.

One must ponder these synthetic slurs
To the origin of their source:
Perhaps it is fear of the unknown
Or a vindictive course;
Maybe it‘s a generational thing,
Could be a religious view —
Whatever the case, it is totally unfounded,
Flawed and viciously untrue.

If only they knew of what is inside
Also of what is taught,
Then they would see the truth of it all
And of the man that is wrought.
Taking a good man and making him better
Is the motto of Freemasonry,
To serve his God with humbleness
And fellow man in charity.

A belief in one God, is absolute!
From this we will not sway
'Tis the first step to our brotherhood
For those that seek the way
We accept all men — from all nations
Colour, disability and creed —
Honest, just and upright men
Are proper masons indeed.

Furthermore the emphasis
Is on priorities —
Family first, then comes work,
Finally Freemasonry.
Numerous lessons can be discovered
In charting the route of life:
If followed — stands a man in good stead
After his mortal life.

With principles so pure and so worthy,
May the slanderer’s hand be thwarted!
Let truth prevail above all else —
Freemasonry, be ever supported!

Original written c.2003, slightly extend version 8/20/05 (added 4 lines beginning "A belief in one God...)

Cobweb Corner

"Cobweb corner," that's what we call
The place where all Past Masters fall
From lofty chair that they know
When any recycling isn’t so.
Yet in their heads they rule the roost
And give their egos a little boost;
Spraying advice to whom they may
But really, it is done their way.

They air their prompts like dirty linen
Muttering away and giving their opinion.
Yet how their noses are disjointed
Once their weaknesses are pointed.
And how many times do we hear their bay!
"That was never done in my day!"
"Can’t do that!" — "Ridiculous notion!"
Time rolls on, but no motion.

Mind you, it isn’t all gloom,
There are a few flowers that occasionally bloom
To lighten a cold and stuffy place
Raining hope, its saving grace.
Nonetheless, I will draw no dust
Up in the East and left to rust.
Anywhere else I’ll happily be —
Cobweb corner is no place for me!

December 4, 2005

Geoffrey Fox
Additional work by Geoff can be found at the Tetractys page.