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This Internet file is not a full or exact copy of the book. This book was intended as a Monitor, with a few songs interspersed, and a few more in a section of the Appendix. This file has extracted only the songs and poems from the text. It is presented here as a collection of poetry, rather than as songs to be sung. Some of the conventions helpful for singing, such as breaking words into syllables and heavy use of apostrophes for elided 'e's and 'v's, were felt unnecessary and distracting, so practically all of the vowels that were apostrophized out have been replaced. A few typographic errors have been corrected.

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With notes and occasional remarks


Of Concordia & Cassia Lodges, P.G.S. of the G.L. of Md., K.T.K.M. &c.

In principio erat Sermo ille, et Sermo ille erat apud Deum, eratque ille Sermo Deus.
— Evangelium Secundum Joannem.
At first she will walk with him by crooked ways, and bring fear and dread upon him, and prove
him by her discipline, until she may trust his soul, and try him by her laws. Then will she return
the straight way unto him, and comfort him, and shew him her secrets. — Ecclesiasticus.




Table of Contents

Title Pagei
Table of Contentsxii
Untitled Poem (Friendship on wing etherial)160
The Freemason's Memento192
Mark Master214
Mark Master's Song216
Most Excellent Master's Song230
Royal Arch Masons254
Appendix: Additional Hymns And Odes
Untitled Ode (When earth's foundation)83
Past Master's Song85
Give Thanks To God Most High88
Untitled Hymn (Unto thee great God belong)90
Knight Templar's Song91
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Index of First LinesMPS

Friendship on wing etherial flying round,
Stretches her arm to bless the hallowed ground.
Humanity well pleased here takes her stand,
Holding her daughter Pity in her hand:
Here Charity, which sooth's the widow's sigh,
And wipes the dew drop from the orphan's eye;
Here stands Benevolence, whose large embrace,
Uncircumncribed takes in the human race;
She sees each narrow tie, cach private end
Indignant — virtue's universal friend.
Scorning each frantic zealot, bigot tool,
She stamps on mason's breasts her golden rule.


The Freemason's Memento.

— M — Magnitude, Moderation, Magnanimity.
— A — Affability, Affection, Attention.
— S — Silence, Secrecy, Security.
— O — Obedience, Order, Śconomy.
— N — Noble, Natural, Neighborly.
— R — Rational, Reciprocative, Receptive.
— Y — Yielding, Ypright, Yare.


Masonry, of things, teacheth how to attain the just - - Magnitude,
    to inordinate affections, the art of - - Moderation;
    It inspires the soul with time - - Magnanimity.
Masonry likewise teacheth us - - Affability,
    to love each other with true - - Affection,
    and to pay to things sacred a just - - Attention.
It instructeth us how to keep - - Silence,
    to maintain - - Secrecy,
    and preserve - - Security.
Also, to whom it is due, - - Obedience,
    to observe good - - Order,
    and a commendable - - Śconomy.
It likewise teacheth us how to he worthily - - Noble,
    truly - - Natural,
    and, without reserve, - - Neighbourly.
It instilleth principles indisputably - - Rational,
    and formeth in us a disposition - - Reciprocative,
    and - - Receptive.
It maketh us to things indifferent - - Yielding,
    to what is absolutely necessary, perfectly - - Ypright,*
    and to do all that is truly good, most willingly, - -Yare.**

*Fixed. -- **Ready. Vide Johnson's quarto Dictionary.


Mark Master.

The following song, written by Brother T.S.Webb, P.G.M. of the State of Rhode-Island, is sung during the Closing Ceremony.
Tune -- "God Save Great Washington."
[For another Tune to the following Song, see Appendix.]

Mark Masters all appear
Before the Chief O'erseer;
In concert move;
Let him your work inspect,
For the Chief Architect,
If there is no defect,
He will approve.

Those who have passed the Square,
For your rewards prepare,
Join heart and hand;
Each with his mark in view,
March with the just and true;
Wages to you are due,
At your command.

Hiram the widow's son,
Sent unto Solomon
Our great key-stone;
On it appears the name
Which raises high the fame
Of all to whom the same
Is truly known.

Now to the westward move,
Where, full of strength and love,
Hiram doth stand;
But if impostors are
Mixed with the worthy there,
Caution them to beware
Of the right hand.

Now to the praise of those
Who triumphed o'er the foes
Of mason's art;
To the praiseworthy three,
Who founded this degree:
May all their virtues be
Deep in our hearts.


Mark Master's Song

Written By Brother S.C.
Tune — "The Star-Spangled Banner."


Attention Mark Master, you're called to appear,
Before our famed workmen the chief overseer,
Since our labours are finished for wages prepare,
The Lord of the vineyard will give each his share.

In concert then move
hile brotherly love
Expands each warm heart with fire from above,

Exhibit your work then if clear of defect,
It merits reward from the chief architect.

Mark well every craftsman whose jewel is bright,
If his task is well finished he will him requite;
Each keeping his eye on the mark we've in view,
We'll firmly march on with the just and the true.
Then join heart and hand,
Tis your's to command
The reward of your merit, so make your demand;
Exhibit your work, for if clear of defect,
You merit reward from the chief architect.

The widow's son, Hiram, the key-stone did bring,
To God's own anointed, the great Hebrew king;
On it may be found what exalts high our fame,
If rightly decyphered, a mystical name.
The chief architect
Did this key-stone inspect,
And approved of the same, for 'twas free from defect;
Exhibit your work, then, for wages prepare,
The Lord of the vineyard will pay each his share.

In the W. stands a brother, who will represent,
That famed skilful architect, he who was sent,
But while in his office he thus takes his stand,
Beware all impostors, how you stretch your hand;
Be cautious, reflect,
You have cause to expect,
'Tis his business, impostors and cowans to detect,
Then display your own work, to deceive him don't dare.
Or in paying the Craft, you'll receive a just share.

Let posterity bless the names of the three,
Who founded and handed to us this degree:
May their firmness and virtue, by us be enjoyed,
While this world is our Lodge, and we're therein employed;
Our efforts should be,
Who best may agree,
And receive from his master the highest degree,
Well remembring if we do not fail to prepare,
The Lord of the vineyard will pay us our share.


Most Excellent Master's Song:

By Brother T. S. Webb, Deputy Grand High Priest of the United States, General Grand Chapter — To be sung when any one is received into that Degree.

All hail to the morning
That bids us rejoice;
The temple's completed,
Exalt high each voice;
The cape-stone is finished,
Our labour is o'er;
The sound of the gavel
Shall hail us no more
To the power Almighty, who ever has guided
The tribes of old Israel, exalting their fame;
To Him who hath governed our hearts undivided,
Let's send forth our voices, to praise his great name.

Companions assemble
On this joyful day,
(The occasion is glorious,)
The key-stone to lay;
Fulfilled is the promise,
By the Ancient Of Days,
To bring forth the cape-stone,
With shouting and praise.

There's no more occasion for level or plumb-line,
For trowel or gavel, for compass or square;
Our works are complcated, the Ark safely seated,
And we shall be greeted as workmen most rare.

Now those that are worthy,
Our toils who have shared,
And proved themselves faithful,
Shall meet their reward.
Their virtue and knowledge,
Industry and skill,
Have our approbation,
Have gained our good will,
We accept and receive them most excellent masters,
Invested with honours, and power to preside;
Among worthy craftsmen, wherever assembled,
The knowledge of masons to spread far and wide.

Almighty Creator,
Descend now, and fill
This Lodge with thy glory,
Our hearts with good will,
Preside at our meetings,
Assist us to find
True pleasure in teaching
Good will to mankind.
Thy wisdom inspired the great institution,
Thy strength shall support it, till nature expire;
And when the creation shall fall into ruin,
Its beauty shall rise through the midst of the fire.


Royal Arch Masons.

The following beautiful Ode, not less admired for its poetic excellence, than for its sublimity of description, may be very appropriately performed at the exaltation of a Brother, and more particularly at the consecration of a Chapter.
Tune — Hail Liberty.
The Music arranged by Mr. John Cole.

When Orient wisdom beamed serene,
And pillared strength arose,
When beauty tinged the glowing scene,
And faith her mansion chose,
And faith her mansion chose.

Exulting bands the Fabric viewed;
Mysterious powers adored,
And high the Triple Union stood,
That gave the Mystic Word.

Pale envy withered at the sight,
And frowning o'er the pile,
Called Murder up from realms of night,
To blast the glorious toil.
With ruffian outrage joined in woe,
They form the league abhorred;
And wounded science felt the blow,
That crushed the Mystic Word.

Concealment from sequestered cave,
On sable pinions flew;
And o'er the sacrilegious grave,
Her veil impervious threw.
The associate band in solemn state,
The awful loss deplored;
And wisdom mourned the ruthless fate,
That, whelmed the Mystic Word.

At length, thro' Time's expanded sphere,
Fair Science speeds her way;
And warmed by Truth's refulgence clear,
Reflects the kindred ray.
A second Fabric's towering height,
Proclaims the sign restored;
From whose foundation — brought to light,
Is drawn the Mystic Word.

To depths obscure the favored Trine,
A dreary course engage;
Till through the Arch, the ray divine,
Illumes the sacred page!
From the wide wonders of this blaze,
Our ancient Signs, restored;
The Royal Arch alone displays
The long lost Mystic Word.



(Set to appropriate Musick)

As used at the Consecration of Lodges, and other solemn occasions.

Ode — to be sung at the Installation of a Lodge.

When earth's foundation first was laid,
By the Almighty Artist's hand,
'Twas then our perfect,
our perfect laws were made,
Established by his strict command.

Hail! mysterious, hail! Glorious Masonry;
That makes us ever great and free.

As man throughout for shelter sought,
In vain from place to place did roam,
Until from heaven,
from heaven he was taught
To plan, to build, to fix his home.

Hence illustrious rose our art,
And now in beauteous piles appear;
Which shall to endless,
to endless time impart,
How worthy and how great we are.

Nor we less famed for every tie,
By which the human thought is bound;
Love, truth, and friendship,
and friendship socially.
Join all our hearts and hands around.

Our actions still by virtue blest,
And to our precepts ever true,
The world admiring,
admiring shall request,
To learn, and our bright paths pursue.


Past Master's Song.

Let Masonry from pole to pole,
Her sacred laws expand,
Far as the mighty waters roll,
To wash remotest land:
That virtue has not left mankind,
Her social maxims prove,
For stamped upon the Mason's mind,
Are unity and love.

Ascending to her native sky,
Let Masonry increase;
A glorious pillar raised on high,
Integrity its base.
Peace adds to olive boughs entwined,
An emblematic dove,
As stamped upon the Mason's mind,
Is unity and love.


Give Thanks To God Most High.

To be sung at the Consecration of a Chapter of Royal Arch Masons.

Give thanks to God most high,
The universal Lord;
The soverein King of kings;
And be his grace adored.
His power and grace
Are still the same,
And let his name
Have endless praise.

The shining worlds above
In glorious order stand,
Or in swift courses move,
By his supreme command.
He spake the word,
And all their frame
From nothing came
To praise the Lord.

His power and lifted rod
Cleft the Red-sea in two,
And for his people made
A wonderous passage through.
In different ways
His works proclaim
His wondrous name,
And speak his praise.

Give thanks aloud to God,
To God the heavn'ly king;
And let the spacious earth
H is works and glories sing.
His power and grace
Are still the same;
And let his name
Have endless praise.


Hymn — to be sung at the Consecration of a Lodge.

Unto thee great God belong,
Mystic rites and sacred song,
Lowly bending at thy shrine,
We hail thy majesty divine.

Glorious Architect above,
Source of light and source of love,
Here thy light and love prevail.
Hail! Almighty Master, hail!

Whilst in yonder regions bright,
The sun by day, the moon by night,
And the stars that gild the sky,
Blazon forth thy praise on high.
Join, O earth! and as you roll,
From east to west, from pole to pole,
Lift to Heaven your grateful lays,
Join the universal praise.

Warmed by thy benignant grace,
Sweet Friendship linked the human race;
Pity lodged within her breast,
Charity became her guest.
There the naked, raiment found;
Sickness, balsam for its wound;
Sorrow, comfort, hunger, bread,
Strangers there a welcome shed.

Still to us, O God dispense
Thy divine benevolence.
Teach the tender tear to flow,
Melting at a brother's woe,
Like Samaria's son, that we,
Blest with boundless charity,
To the admiring world may prove
They dwell in God who dwell in love.


Knight Templar's Song.

This tune may be sung to the Mark Master's song, page 214.

God bless the noble band,
Who grace this happy land,
With valiant Knights.
May the United Three,
Of the blest Trinity,
Cement the unity
Of all great lights.

Twelve once were highly loved:
But one a Judas proved
Put out his fire.
May Simon haunt all fools
Who vary from our rules,
May the heads of such tools
Rest high on spires.

'Gainst Turk and Jew we fight,
And in Religion's right
We'll breathe our last.
Poor pilgrims begging we
Will our Jerusalem see,
All steps, sir Knights, have ye
Gloriously passed.

Entered, passed, raised, and arched
And then like princes marched
Through rugged ways;
At length great lights we view,
And poor old Simon too,
Also the word so true,
Glory and praise.

God in his rainbow gave
Colours which now we have,
Black, red, and blue.
These colours emblems are
Of royal love most rare,
We are in souls sincere,
Just, good, and true.

Sir Knights, clasp hand in hand.
None but Knight Templars stand
In circle round.
May we all live in love,
And every comfort prove,
May manna from above
Fall on this ground.



Index of Titles

The Freemason's Memento192
Friendship on wing etherial (Untitled Poem)160
Give Thanks To God Most HighA88
Knight Templar's SongA91
Mark Master214T.S.Webb
Mark Master's Song216Brother S.C.
Most Excellent Master's Song230T. S. Webb
Past Master's SongA85
Royal Arch Masons254
Unto thee great God belong (Untitled Hymn)A90
When earth's foundation (Untitled Ode)A83

Index of First Lines

All hail to the morning That bids us rejoice230T. S. Webb
Attention Mark Master, you're called to appear216Brother S.C.
Friendship on wing etherial flying round160
Give thanks to God most highA88
God bless the noble bandA91
Let Masonry from pole to poleA85
M — Magnitude, Moderation, Magnanimity192
Mark Masters all appear214T.S.Webb
Masonry, of things, teacheth how to attain the just Magnitude192
Unto thee great God belongA90
When earth's foundation first was laidA83
When Orient wisdom beamed serene254