Table of Contents

Kenneth Lawtie
  1. 3, 5, 7: Just Numbers?
  2. Get It Right
  3. One Mason's Dream
  4. Come Join In
  5. Meet Bro. Lawtie

3, 5, 7: Just Numbers?

Three are the number who once reigned supreme.
At the building of the Temple, King Solomon's dream.

Five are the number of noble orders named,
And to open a Lodge, the number's the same.

Seven, for perfection this number we need.
The arts and the sciences and music indeed!

These are not just numbers, but steps on a stair
Which we have all climbed to the middle chamber.

We each got our wages in that central place.
Where characters and figures, the walls they did grace.

If this stirs your mind of your Fellowcraft degree,
Then you learned of that building from the same 'board as me.

Get It Right

Masonry's for men, full of secret and sign;
not else exclusive, but woman can't join.
If you're a good man, honest and true,
then Freemasonry is just right for you.

There's lots of degrees, but you start with just three.
Apprentice then Fellow then Master you'll be.
Many good men these secrets have sought,
and having found them, improved their life's lot.

Becoming a better man, that's Masonry's aim,
and to help others achieving the same.
Not just to Brothers, but to every man-jack,
the more help you give, the more pleasure back.

Regular attendance and a visit or two,
will help you understand what the officers do.
One day, that high-up Chair you may reach;
and if you get there try hard not to preach.
Instead persevere to keep it level and square,
and remember to learn more; everyday, everywhere.

Then at the end of your life's last day,
may it be your portion to hear others say,
"He was a good man, honest and true,
always helped others, only his best would do.
The Lodge will miss him on their meeting night."
So if this is what you hear, then maybe
(just maybe) YOU GOT IT RIGHT!

One Mason's Dream

Upstairs in the Lodge on a Friday night
Over one hundred there — Oh what a sight
Tonight it is a first Degree
And candidates we have three.

The Lodge is opened in ancient form,
But of course this is the norm.
Visitors welcomed, minutes read,
Without one hitch as is the dread.

Candidates in and obligated.
Lectures given, secrets stated.
Every word and sign correct,
Now just the donations to collect.

Greetings given and returned.
Lodge is closed , work adjourned.
We meet in perfect harmony
This is my dream of Freemasonry.

Come Join In

I joined the Masons their secrets to seek
My nose got the better of me and I had to have a peek
I knew someone who was ”high up,” a Past Master was he
I asked him “Could I join?” All he said was, “Well, I’ll see.”

A few weeks later, while enjoying a drink he handed me a form,
“Read this first then fill it in.” Apparently this is the norm.
He answered all my questions then told me about the entrance fee.
Then he said, “There’s someone else here that you also need to see.”

Then from behind there came a voice “So you want to join the Craft”
I swung around and saw my old mate, suddenly I felt quite daft.
“I’ve been a Mason for many a year, I always thought you knew.
Now I’ll second your proposal because I think you can become one too.”

As time went past my degrees I gained, and a lot of things I learned.
Each Degree had questions, never easy, each one had to be earned.
Lots of help along the way was given without a thought.
My problem was trying to remember all that I had been taught.

Ever since that first step I’ve been a different man.
I’ve tried to be a better person where and whenever I can.
The lessons that I learned in each different Degree
Are imprinted in my mind and will always be of great importance to me.

A lot of years have now passed, I’ve even been through the Chair;
I’ve joined some other Orders, and made even more friends there.
My face is more wrinkled and my hair has gone quite thin.
But I’ll always be a Mason and encourage others to Come Join In.

May 2005

Kenneth Lawtie

Bro Kenny Lawtie, PM
Lodge Gordons 589
Province of Banffshire
Grand Lodge of Scotland

Brother Lawtie writes: Please accept these three poems for your enjoyment. I have spent many an hour over the years composing each one and would like to share them with you.
August 20, 2004

Brother Lawtie can be reached at