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A.S. McBride
  1. The Working Tools
  2. What Is A Mason?
  3. Information and Bibliography

[This was found in a small book entitled "Fraternal Poetry and Prose" (1950, 96p.).

The Working Tools

Go, work on mind and matter now,
A Master raised to power art thou,
Impress on each and all you can
Wise Heaven's eternal Temple-plan.
As on a trestle-board portray
The great Design, from day to day;
And build, in silence rever'ntly,
The temple of Humanity.

What is a Mason?

What is a Mason? It is he
Who builds upon the Square,
Whose heart beats true to God and you
And all that's good and fair,
Who builds, as can, to Heaven's plan
The Temple of Humanity.
O! that's the heart of his great Art,
And this alone, we proudly own
To be the noblest Masonry.

From "Speculative Freemasonry",
reprinted in The Builder, Jan.1916

Andrew Sommerville MacBride (c.1845-1914)

The following is by Joseph Fort Newton, from the introduction to Speculative Masonry, published in 1914.

Among the teachers of Masonry in our own time, no one was worthy of the honour of his Bretheren of every land and rank than the late Brother A.S. MacBride, of Lodge Progress, Glasgow, whose death was a bereavement to the Craft. For twenty-five years, or more, he was a teacher of Masonry in Scotland, instructing young men in the symbolism and ceremonial of the Craft, and he left a permanent impress upon the Masonry of his native land. Though not a great scholar, he was a man of rich learning more practical than academic but his artist-eye, his natural sense of the fitness of things, together with his spiritual insight and sound common sense, made him an ideal leader. Whether in public printed lecture, or in more private teaching of the Lodge examples of which he left us in the form of rituals of the first three Degrees his work had the same sagacity, the same sanity, the same fine touch of the poet-vision, which marked him as a truly wise teacher.

The brief sketch of the Masonic career of [Brother MacBride] here given ... conveys but a slight impression of a man of unmistakeable distinction of character, of singular personal and intellectual charm, brotherly, brilliant, winning; a gracious gentleman, to have known whom is to have something to remember of the finest tradition of his country and his race a Mason to whom the world was a Temple, a poet to whom the world was a Song.


Brother A. S. MacBride was initiated in Lodge Leven St. John on the 13th July, 1866. On November the 19th, of the same year, he was elected Secretary; and on November 22nd, 1867, he was elected Master. He was to hold many offices in his nearly 50 years in the Craft, but his most enduring one, and his favorite, was as lecturer in the Lodge of Instruction associated with Lodge Progress, Glasgow, Scotland. His one book, Speculative Masonry, was a collection of those lectures, but several were also published individually as booklets.

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