Robert P. May

Weep Not for Me

(To Jacques DeMolay, a true Knight)

I followed God's will and fought the good fight.
No more can one seek in this life.
My courage was forged in battle and shines in the light.
My honor was honed in the midst of the strife.

Though the fire now burns my flesh, it purifies my soul.
My love of God is simple and true.
No king and his pope can take their toll
And make me bow and say what they construe.

Weep not for me, I pray thee. I am at peace with my God.
Weep for those who tried me and placed me in peril.
Theirs is the sin for on truth they have trod
And the robes of arrogance and greed their apparel.

The flames now rise and me they surround.
I've no regrets, and those that deceived are the cursed.
It's honor I sought and honor I've found.
And in these final moments as I die I see the cross.

Originally published in the Knight Templar magazine, Sept. 2006

Robert P. May

E.C. Cincinnati Commandery No.2
West Chester, OH 45069