Transcription Notes: This material was published as an appendix to a more general work, but internal evidence (page numbering starts with 9) suggests it was originally designed as a stand-alone book. The front-matters, including extracts from the Preface, are from the more expansive work, but the second Preface is from a Kessinger Publications copy of the songbook alone found on Google Books (limited viewing only, so of limited usefulness for our purposes here). The remainder of the text is from the song-book portion only of the larger work.

This Internet file is not an exact copy of the book. Certain liberties have been taken. It is presented here as a collection of poetry, rather than as songs to be sung. Some of the conventions helpful for singing, such as breaking words into syllables and heavy use of apostrophes for elided 'e's and 'v's, were felt unnecessary and distracting, so many of the 'v's and practically all of the vowels that were apostrophized out have been replaced. While choruses are noted, repeating line have otherwise been left out. A very few spellings have been modernized, and typographic errors corrected.

Many of these lyrics were presented with scores, which have been ignored here except to give their URLs. There was also a good deal of filler art, which while commendable, was placed with no relevance to the subjects of the lyrics, and so has been left out. If you have an interest in these, a photoreproduction of the book is available at, with the final digits (9 in this example) replaced by the page number you want.

Page numbers ran from 9 to 152, for the final page of text, but since the 83 poems and songs were numbered (1 to 82, with two songs numbered 27), it was felt unnecessary to interrupt the flow of the verses to insert page numbers for an Internet file. A Table of Contents has been compiled and added to this file listing only the song numbers, but no page numbers.

This book included an index of first lines with page numbers, but it was not included in the Google Books copy, so instead we've compiled our own first line index with song numbers and hyperlinks. The song number ordering is at the top directly following the Table of Contents, and the alphabetical ordering is at the tail end of this file.

Errata: The dead-tree copy in hand (the Masonic Book Club volume for 2004) is of the 13th edition, the Google Book is of the 15th edition. Song #21 was "Ah! when shall we three meet like them" in the 13th, which is also #31. It was replaced with "Still tell my heart of heavenly peace" in the 15th . The 15th also added one more song to the end, #82, "Brethren all wherever you be,". Both editions had two songs numbered #27.

Most pieces are classed loosely as Ode, Hymn, or Song. Odes were written as poems, though some may have music added; they usually did not include choruses, and may have been intended mainly for solos. Hymns made strong and repeated references to Deity. Songs were intended for singing, sometimes had choruses, and made only slight or no references to a Christian God.



1. INVOCATION. 2. HYMN. 3. HYMN. 4. SONG. 5. ODE. 6. SONG. 7. SONG. 8. ODE. 9. ODE. 10. SONG. 11. SONG. 12. SONG. 13. ODE.




22. SONG 23. SONG. 24. SONG. 25. SONG.


26. SONG. 27. ODE.


27. S0NG. 28. DIRGE. 29. SONG. 30. ODE. 31. SONG. 32. SONG. 33. ODE. 34. SONG.




37. SONG.


38. SONG. 39. SONG.


40. HYMN. 41. SONG. 42. SONG. 43. SONG.




46. HYMN.


47. SONG. 48. ODE. 49. HYMN. 50. ODE.


51. HYMN. 52. ODE. 53. HYMN. 54. FUNERAL HYMN.




57. SONG. 58. SONG.



First Lines

Hyperlinked In Song Number Order

1. When from chaotic sleep,
2. Blest be the tie, that binds
3. Father of our feeble race,
4. By Masons' art, the aspiring domes,
5. When earth's foundation first was laid,
6. Genius of Masonry, descend,
7. Thus happily met, united and free,
8. Here Wisdom her standard displays,
9. What joy, when brethren dwell combined,
10. Come, Brothers of the mystic tie
11. Unite, unite, your voices raise;
12. Hail Masonry! thou Art divine;
13. Behold! how pleasant, and how good,
14. Great Architect! Supreme, divine,
15. No, never shall my soul forget
16. Sweet is the memory of the night,
17. Hail! sacred art! by heaven designed
18. Adieu! a heart-warm fond adieu!
19. Oh! it came on the ear like the last solemn warning,
20. We met in love, we part in peace,
21. Still tell my heart of heavenly peace,
22. In whom may we trust? Shall the buckler of power
23. Let there be light, the first command,
24. From East to West, o'er land and sea,
25. Deep in the quarries of the stone,
26. Hail, Masonry, thou Craft divine!
27a. Come, Craftsmen, assembled our pleasure to share,
27b. Hail! mysterious, glorious science,
28. Solemn strikes the funeral chime,
29. I sing the Mason's glory,
30. Let us remember in our youth,
31. Ah, when shall we three meet like them,
32. Mark Masters all appear
33. When all was in chaos before the creation,
34. Attention Mark Master you're called to appear
35. Unto Thee, great God! belong
36. Let Masonry from pole to pole,
37. All hail to the morning, That bids us rejoice;
38. Almighty Sire! our heavenly king,
39. When orient Wisdom beamed serene,
40. Guide me, 0 thou great Jehovah!
41. As, when the weary traveler gains
42. He dies; the friend of sinners dies!
43. Angels! roll the rock away!
44. To Heaven's high Architect all praise,
45. Sons of a glorious order anointed
46. Let there be light! the Almighty spoke!
47. Hail, universal Lord!
48. Almighty Father! God of Love!
49. Great source of light and love,
50. Brothers rejoice! for our task is completed,
51. Thou art gone to the grave, but we will not deplore thee,
52. Oh! breathe not his name, let it sleep in the shade,
53. Unveil thy bosom, faithful tomb,
54. Man dieth and wasteth away,
55. Ah, who that never felt can know,
56. When chaos invested the face of the deep,
57. Hail, to the day! when assembled in union,
58. From envy, strife, and pride;
59. While all our nation whelmed in grief,
60. Not the fictions of Greece nor the dreams of old Rome,
61. When Masonry expiring lay,
62. Arise, and blow thy trumpet, Fame!
63. What is life of love bereft,
64. Humanity's soft, gentle band
65. Rest, holy pilgrim, rest, I pray,
66. O, Charity! thou heavenly grace,
67. How blest is he, whose generous soul
68. When the star of thy destiny glows,
69. Oh! think when misfortune has withered the heart,
70. Should the chances of life ever tempt me to roam,
71. Parent of all! Omnipotent
72. Oh! Masonry, our hearts inspire,
73. 0 what a happy thing it is,
74. When the sun from the east salutes mortal eyes,
75. Grant me, kind Heaven, what I request,
76. Three thousand years away have rolled,
77. There's a vision once seen never passeth from sight,
78. A clear bell sounds upon the breeze,
79. The lurid sun hung low and red,
80. There's a Star in the West that shall never go down
81. On the broad arched sky, when the queen of night
82. Brethren all wherever you be,







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In the Clerk's Office, of the District Court of the United States, for the Southern District of Ohio.










P. M. of Lafayette, No. 79, and of McMillan Lodge, No. 141, K. T., K. M.,
and Editor of the Masonic Review, Cincinnati.


A. L. 5859 — A. D. 1859.

Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1846,
In the Clerk's Office for the District Court of Ohio.

of the
wheresoever dispersed around the



is most respectfully and fraternally dedicated




THIS work has passed through twelve editions, which is sufficient evidence that it has received the approval of the Masonic Fraternity. In the present revised edition we do not propose to offer anything new upon the subject of Masonry; upon this subject, "Remove not the Ancient Landmarks" is an admonition we may not disregard.

To the revised edition we have added "THE TEMPLAR'S TEXT BOOK," a Ritual of the Orders of Knighthood, and the "MELODIES FOR THE CRAFT."

• • •

The Melodies for the Craft consist of a choice collection of Masonic Odes and Songs, set to music, and adapted to the various Masonic festivals and ceremonies.

• • •

Hoping the present revised edition may meet the approval heretofore so liberally extended to the work, the author submits it to the consideration of his Masonic Brethren,

A. D. 1859, A. L. 5859.


by A Past Master

If "music hath charms," there is no more appropriate place for it than the Lodge room, and other assemblages of the Craft. Having been many years connected with the Order, the compiler has long been of the opinion that the proper melodies in the Lodge room would be productive of much good; for, while it exerts a favorable influence upon the hearts of the members, it begets a love for music and poetry, which of itself is an acquisition.

There are many songs and hymns suitable for every occasion, but they are found scattered through books and magazines, and consequently are difficult of access. It has been thought desirable to have them collected and placed within the reach of all; and the compiler has made an effort, in the work now presented, to accomplish this. He has gathered these from many sources; many of them old and antiquated works, beyond the reach of the great body of Masons. He has also arranged them under suitable heads for various occasions, and accompanied some of the pieces with the music adapted to the words.

If by his labor a single brother shall be made happier or better, he will be amply rewarded for his trouble.


September, 1852




Music: PA9

When from chaotic sleep,
Heaved up the mighty deep
Enrobed in night;
Then ere Earth's beauties woke,
His voice the stillness broke.
And thus the Almighty spoke —
"Let there be Light."

Swift from yon orb of day
Fled those dark shades away
At His dread word;
Then sang the stars on high,
And through the arching sky
Swelled Heaven's loud minstrelsy,
Praise ye the Lord.

Almighty power supreme,
Send down thy brightest beam
To every heart!
Illume us with thy grace,
Show us thy glorious face,
And Heaven's own righteousness
To each impart.

2. HYMN.

Music: none

Blest be the tie, that binds
Our hearts in virtuous love;
The fellowship of kindred minds
Is like to that above.

Before our Father's throne,
We pour our ardent prayers,
Our fears, our hopes, our aims are one,
Our comforts and our cares.

We share our mutual woes,
Our mutual burdens bear;
And often for each other flows
The sympathizing tear.

When we asunder part,
It gives us inward pain;
But we shall still be joined in heart,
And hope to meet again.

This glorious hope revives
Our courage by the way;
While each in expectation lives,
And longs to see the day.

3. HYMN.

Music: PA12

Father of our feeble race,
Wise, compassionate and kind;
Spread o'er nature's ample face,
Flows thy goodness unconfined.
Musing in the silent grove,
Or the busy walks of men,
Still we trace thy wonderous love,
Claiming large returns again.

Lord, what offering shall we bring
At thine Altar, when we bow;
Hearts, the pure, unsullied spring,
Whence the kind affections flow.
Soft compassion's feeling soul,
By the melting eye expressed;
Sympathy, at whose control,
Sorrow leaves the wounded breast.

Willing hands to lead the blind,
Bind the wounded, feed the poor;
Love, embracing all mankind.
Charity, with liberal store.
Teach us, 0 thou heavenly King,
Thus to show our grateful mind;
Thus the accepted offering bring,
Love to Thee, and all mankind.

4. SONG.

Music: none

By Masons' art, the aspiring domes,
In stately columns shall arise;
All climates are their native homes,
Their well-judged actions reach the skies;
Heroes and kings revere their name,
While poets sing their lasting fame.

Great, noble, generous, good, and brave,
Are titles they most justly claim;
Their deeds shall live beyond the grave,
Which those unborn shall loud proclaim;
Time shall their generous acts enroll,
While love and friendship charm the soul.

5. ODE.

Music: PA17

When earth's foundation first was laid,
By the Almighty Artist's hand,
Twas then our perfect laws were made,
Established by his strict command.
Hail! mysterious, hail, glorious Masonry;
That makes us ever great and free

In vain mankind for shelter sought,
In vain from place to place did roam,
Until from heaven he was taught
To plan, to build, and fix his home.

Illustrious, hence, we date our art,
Our works in beauteous piles appear;
Which shall to endless time impart,
How worthy and how great we are.

Nor we less famed for every tie,
By which the human thought is bound;
Love, truth, and friendship, and friendship socially,
Join all our hearts and hands around,

Our actions still by virtue blest,
And to our precepts ever true,
The world admiring, shall request
To learn, and our bright paths pursue.

6. SONG.

Music: none

Genius of Masonry, descend,
And with thee bring thy spotless train;
Constant our sacred rites attend,
While we adore thy peaceful reign;
Bring with thee Virtue, brightest maid,
Bring love, bring truth, bring friendship here;
While social mirth shall lend her aid,
To smooth the wrinkled brow of care.

Come Charity, with goodness crowned,
Encircled in thy heavenly robe,
Diffuse thy blessings all around,
To every corner of the globe.
See where she comes, with power to bless,
With open hand and tender heart,
Which, wounded, feels at man's distress,
And bleeds at every human smart.

Envy may every ill devise,
And falsehood be thy deadliest foe;
Thou, friendship, still shalt towering rise,
And sink thine adversaries low:
Thy well-built pile shall long endure,
Through rolling years preserve its prime,
Upon a rock it stands secure,
And braves the rude assaults of time.

Ye happy few, who here extend
In perfect lines, from east to west,
With fervent zeal the lodge defend,
And lock its secrets in each breast:
Since ye are met upon the square,
Bid love and friendship jointly reign,
Be peace and harmony your care,
Nor break the adamantine chain.

Behold the planets how they move,
Yet keep due order as they run;
Then imitate the stars above,
And shine resplendent as the sun:
That future Masons, when they meet,
May all our glorious deeds rehearse,
And say, their fathers were so great,
That they adorned the universe.

7. SONG.

Music: PA21

Thus happily met, united and free,
A foretaste of heaven we prove
Then join heart and hand and firmly agree,
To cultivate brotherly love.

With corn, wine, and oil, our table replete,
The Altar of friendship divine;
Each virtue and grace to the circle complete,
While wreaths of pure song we entwine.

Thus blest and thus blessing in work so supreme,
May Masonry daily increase;
Its grand scheme of morals, our favorite theme
The source of contentment and peace.

8. ODE.

Music: none

Here Wisdom her standard displays,
Here nobly the sciences shine;
Here the Temple's vast column we raise,
And finish a work that's divine,
Iliumed from the East with pure light
Here arts do their blessings bestow;
And all perfect unfold to the sight
What none but a Mason can know.

With fervency, freedom, and zeal,
Our Master's commands we obey;
No cowan our secrets can steal,
No babbler our mysteries betray,
Here all competitions must cease —
Of discord not even one strain
Disturbs ever the Lodge's sweet peace,
Where silence and harmony reign.

If on earth any praise can be found,
Any virtue unnamed in my song,
Any grace in the Universe round,
May these to a Mason belong!
May each Brother his passions subdue,
Practice Charity, Concord, and Love;
And be hailed by the thrice happy few
Who preside in the Grand Lodge above.

9. ODE.

Music: PA23

What joy, when brethren dwell combined,
Inspiring unity of mind;
'Tis like the sacred unction shed
On Aaron's venerable head;
When bathed in fragrancy respire
His reverend beard and rich attire,

Like dews, which, trickling from the sky,
In pearly drops on Hermon lie;
Or balmy vapors which distill
On Zion's consecrated hill;
For there the Lord his blessing placed,
And these with life eternal graced.

10. SONG.

Music: none

Come, Brothers of the mystic tie —
Our social work begun —
We'll raise an offering song on high,
To him the Holy One.

With hearts united firm and free,
We round our Altar stand;
Who best can work and best agree,
Are dearest in our band.

Come kindle at our holy fire,
Fraternal thoughts and kind;
Each worthy act and pure desire
Shall kindred wishes bind.

11. SONG.

Music: none

Unite, unite, your voices raise;
Loudly sing Free-masons' praise:
Spread far and wide their spotless fame,
And glory in the sacred name.

Behold, behold, the upright band
In virtue's paths go hand in hand;
They shun each ill, they do no wrong,
Strict honor does to them belong.

How just, how just, are all their ways!
Superior far to mortal praise;
Their worth description far exceeds,
For matchless are Free-masons' deeds.

Go on, go on, ye just and true,
And still the same bright paths pursue;
The admiring world shall on ye gaze,
And friendship's altar ever blaze.

Begone, begone, fly discord hence!
With petty rage and insolence!
Sweet peace shall bless this happy band,
And freedom smile throughout the land.

12. SONG.

Music: none

Hail Masonry! thou Art divine;
Come, brethren! let us cheerful join
To celebrate this happy day,
And homage to our Master pay.

Hail! happy, blest and sacred place!
Where friendship brightens every face
Where mystic Art adorns the chair,
Resplendent with his upright square.

Next sing, my muse, our Warden's praise
With chorus loud in tuneful lays;
Oh! may these columns never decay,
Until the world dissolves away.

My brethren cheerful, join with me,
To sing the praise of Masonry:
The noble, faithful, and the brave,
Whose art shall live beyond the grave.

13. ODE.

Music: none

Behold! how pleasant, and how good,
For brethren, such as we,
Of the "Accepted" brotherhood,
To dwell in unity!
'Tis like the oil on Aaron's head
Which to his feet distills;
Like Hermon's dew so richly shed
On Zion's sacred hills.

For there the Lord of light and love,
A blessing sent with power;
Oh, may we all this blessing prove,
Even life for evermore;
On Friendship's altar rising here
Our hands now plighted be,
To live in love with hearts sincere,
In peace and unity.


14. HYMN.

Music: PA29

Great Architect! Supreme, divine,
Whose wisdom planned the grand design,
And gave to nature birth;
Whose word with light adorned the skies,
Gave matter form, bade order rise,
And blessed the new-born earth:

Till love shall cease, till order dies,
To Thee masonic praise shall rise.

0, bless this love-cemented band,
Formed and supported by thy hand,
For Charity's employ;
To shield the wretched from despair,
To spread through scenes of grief and care,
Reviving rays of joy.

The liberal Arts, by Thee designed,
To polish, comfort, aid mankind,
We labor to improve;
While we adore Jehovah's name,
Pour on our hearts the melting flame,
And mold our souls to love.

15. DUET.

Music: none

No, never shall my soul forget
The friends I found so cordial-hearted:
Dear, dear shall be the day we met,
And dear shall be the night we parted

Oh, if regrets, however sweet,
Must with the lapse of time decay;
Yet still, when thus in love you meet,
Remember him that's far away.

Long be the flame of memory found
Alive within your social band;
Let that be still the magic round,
On which oblivion dares not stand.

16. SONG.

Music: PA33

Sweet is the memory of the night,
When first we saw the secret light
Dear to our souls shall ever be
The mysteries of Masonry

Grateful to thee our hearts we bend,
0 Masonry, the poor man's friend;
Dark though the stream of life must flow,
That it still rolls to thee we owe.

0 we have tried thee, tried thee long,
When hope had fled, when hope was strong,
Brighter than all our fancy dreamed,
The true, unfading love has beamed.

Science may shoot its bright, cold ray
Across the pilgrim's painful way:
Honor may plant the laurel there,
For fortune to usurp and wear:

Vain is their power to warm, 0 Art,
The chill that settles round the heart;
Thou canst alone beguile the hours,
And strew our rugged way with flowers.

17. ODE.

Music: PA35

Hail! sacred art! by heaven designed
A gracious blessing for mankind;
Peace, joy, and love thou dost bestow,
On us thy votaries below.
Bright wisdom's footsteps here we trace,
From Solmon, the prince of peace,
Whose righteous maxims still we hold
More precious than rich Ophir's gold.

His heavenly proverbs to us tell,
How we on earth should ever dwell;
In harmony and social love,
To emulate the blest above;
Now having wisdom for our guide,
By its sweet precepts we'll abide;
Nor from its path we'll ever stray,
Till we shall meet in endless day.

Vain, empty grandeur shall not find.
Its dwelling in a brother's mind;
A Mason, who is true and wise,
Its glittering pomp will ever despise;
Candor, friendship, joy, and peace,
Within his breast shall have a place;
Virtue and wisdom thus combined,
Shall decorate the Mason's mind.


Music: PA39

Adieu! a heart-warm fond adieu!
Dear brothers of the mystic tie!
Ye favored, ye enlightened few,
Companions of my social joy!
Tho' I to foreign lands must hie,
Pursuing fortune's slippery ba',
With melting heart and brimful eye,
I'll mind you still, tho' far awa'.

Oft I have met your social band,
To spend a cheerful festive night,
Oft honor'd with supreme command,
Presiding o'er the sons of light;
And by that hieroglyphic bright,
Which none but craftsmen ever saw,
Strong mem'ry on my heart shall write,
Those happy scenes when far awa',

May freedom, harmony, and love,
Cement you in the grand design,
Beneath th' Omniscient Eye above,
That glorious Architect divine;
That you may keep th' unerring line,
Still guided by the plummet's law,
'Til order bright completely shine,
Shall be my prayer when far awa'.

And you, farewell, whose merits claim,
Justly that highest badge to wear,
May heaven bless your noble name,
To Masonry and friendship dear:
My last request, permit me then,
When yearly you're assembled a',
One round, I ask it with a tear,
To him your friend that's far awa'.

And you, kind-hearted sisters fair,
I sing farewell to all your charms,
Th' impression of your pleasing air
With rapture oft my bosom warms.
Alas! the social winter's night
No more returns while breath I draw,
'Til sisters, brothers, all unite,
In that grand Lodge that's far awa'.


Music: none

Oh! it came on the ear like the last solemn warning,
That breaks the rude slumber of misery's rest,
When the dreams of those joys we must leave in the morning,
For a moment gives balm to the bosom unblest.

Could it steal o'er the senses like that Theban potion,
Which curdles the memory and deadens the brain;
Or wither the thought in its saddest emotion,
Or an antidote bring to the acme of pain.

Could it blight like the Syrian blast, we might sever
With one deadly pang from those friends we love best,
And sleep in oblivion, forgetting forever,
Those eyes that have blest us, those hearts we have pressed.

But it conies like the death-peal of hope — and no longer
The glittering visions we've cherished, beguile;
And its deep cheering tones to impress it the stronger,
Will oftentimes die on a fugitive smile.

Hath pleasure no charm — and diversion no gladness,
To soothe, if not banish, the pain of the past:
Can not time, as it wears, lull the memory's sadness,
Or soften those sorrows that canker so fast?

Oh no! when we part, recollection will borrow,
Past touches of bliss, but to quicken the sore;
Those eyes shall be bright that shall meet on the morrow,
Those hearts shall be sad that shall never meet more.

20. SONG.

Music: none

We met in love, we part in peace,
Our council labors over;
We'll ask ere life's best days shall cease,
To meet in time once more.

'Mid fairest scenes to memory dear,
In change of joy and pain;
We'll think of friends assembled here,
And hope to meet again.

Though changes mark time's onward way
In all we fondly claim,
Fraternal hopes shall ne'er decay —
Our landmarks still the same.

Our faith unmoved, with truth our guide,
As seasons mark our clime;
Through winter's chill, or summer's pride,
We'll hail the Art Sublime.

When life shall find its silent close,
With hopes kind promise blest;
In that Grand Lodge may all repose,
Where joys immortal rest.

21. SONG.

Music: none

Still tell my heart of heavenly peace,
And let my quickened fancy soar.
To realms where every doubt shall cease,
And our freed spirits part no more.

This truth divine our souls shall charm,
And holy peace and joy restore;
Afar from sorrow and alarm,
We all shall meet to part no more.

0, in that word there is a spell
Sinks to my bosom's inmost core;
For here on earth we hear the knell
Of fondest friends who meet no more.

Then may we hope in heaven to meet,
When all Time's woes and strifes are o'er,
To find at last a sure retreat,
Where our glad hearts shall part no more.


22. SONG

Music: none

In whom may we trust? Shall the buckler of power
Be the aid of the heart in adversity's hour?
Shall we lean on the hilt of the warrior's sword,
Or trust on the breath of a sovereign's word?

The sword may be snapped, or the mighty one's breath
Be chilled, ere its promise is plighted, in death!
And hopes which were springing to brighten our way
Fall back on the heart in woe's darkest array.

But were there a being in whom all combined,
Power, wisdom and love — some omnipotent mind,
Which all things foreseeing, could all things prevent,
Or mold into mercy the coming event —

There, there might the spirit with safety confide,
For power to assist, and for wisdom to guide;
For love to support till the rough path be trod,
Then, pilgrim, look upward — that being is God.

23. SONG.

Music: none

"Let there be light," the first command,
That burst from heaven's exalted throne!
Jehovah gave the stern decree,
And forth immediate radiance shone.

The sun, that glorious orb of day,
Was ordered to assume his sphere;
To shed on earth the enlivening ray,
To shine abroad from year to year.

But there's a light, a brighter light,
Than sun or nature ever could claim;
'Tis shed through all creation's space,
And bears a great and glorious name.

This light has shone since man was born,
And will ever shine till worlds decay;
Its brightness far exceeds the morn,
With it the gloomy night is day.

Then let us search for this great Light,
Which shines with such refulgence broad;
Its name is Truth; and that alone
Can bring our wandering souls to God.

24. SONG.

Music: none

From East to West, o'er land and sea,
Where brothers meet and friends agree,
Let incense rise from hearts sincere,
The dearest offering gathered here.

Our trust reposed on God alone,
Who never will contrite hearts disown;
Our faith shall mark that holy light,
Whose beams our dearest joys unite.

25. SONG.

Music: none

Deep in the quarries of the stone,
Amid vast heaps of other rock;
In darkness hid, to art unknown,
We found this rude and shapeless block.
Now shaped by art, its roughness gone,
And fit this noble work to grace;
We lay it here, a corner-stone,
Chosen and sure, in proper place.

Within this stone there lies concealed
What future ages may disclose,
The sacred truths to us revealed,
By Him, who fell by ruthless foes.
On Him, this corner-stone we build,
To Him, this edifice erect;
And still, until this work's fulfilled,
May Heaven the workman's ways direct.


26. SONG.

Music: none

Hail, Masonry, thou Craft divine!
Glory of earth, from heaven revealed;
Which doth with jewels precious shine,
From all but Masons' eyes concealed;
Thy praises due, who can rehearse,
In nervous prose, or flowing verse?

All craftsmen true distinguished are,
Our codes all other laws excel;
Treasures of knowledge choice and rare,
Within our breasts securely dwell.
The silent breast, the faithful heart,
Preserve the secrets of the art.

From scorching heat and piercing cold,
From beasts, whose roar the forest rends;
From the assaults of warriors bold,
The Mason's art mankind defends.
Be to this art due honor paid,
From which mankind receives such aid.

Ensigns of state, that feed our pride.
Distinctions troublesome and vain,
By Masons true are laid aside,
Art's free-born sons such toys disdain;
Ennobled by the name they bear,
Distinguished by the badge they wear.

Sweet fellowship, from envy free,
Friendly converse of brotherhood,
The lodge's lasting cement be,
Which has for ages firmly stood.
A lodge thus built, for ages past
Has lasted, and shall ever last.

Then let us celebrate the praise
Of all who have enriched the art,
Let gratitude our voices raise,
And each true brother bear a part.
Let cheerful strains their fame resound,
And living Masons' healths go round.

27. ODE.

Music: none

Come, Craftsmen, assembled our pleasure to share,
Who walk by the Plumb, and who work by the Square;
While traveling in love, on the Level of time,
Sweet hope shall light on to a far better clime.

We'll seek, in our labors, the Spirit Divine,
Our temple to bless, and our hearts to refine;
And thus to our altar a tribute we'll bring,
While, joined in true friendship, our anthem we sing.

See Order, and Beauty, rise gently to view,
Each brother a column, so perfect and true!
When Order shall cease, and when temples decay,
May each, fairer columns, immortal, survey.


27. S0NG.

Music: PA51

Hail! mysterious, glorious science,
Which to discord bids defiance,
Harmony alone reigns here,
Come let's sing to Him that raised us
From the rugged path, that mazed us,
To the Light, that we revere.

28. DIRGE.

Music: PA55

Solemn strikes the funeral chime,
Notes of our departing time;
As we journey here below,
Through a pilgrimage of woe!

Mortals, now indulge a tear,
For mortality is near!
See how wide her trophies wave
0ver the slumbers of the grave!

Here another guest we bring,
Seraphs of celestial wing,
To our funeral altar come,
Waft this Friend and Brother home.

Lord of all! below — above —
Fill our hearts with Truth and Love;
When dissolves our earthly tie,
Take us to thy Lodge on high.

29. SONG.

Music: none

I sing the Mason's glory,
Whose praying mind doth burn;
Unto complete perfection,
Our mysteries to learn;
Not those who visit Lodges
To eat and drink their fill;
Not those who at our meetings
Hear lecture 'gainst their will:

The faithful worthy Brother,
Whose heart can feel for grief;
Whose bosom with compassion
Steps forth to his relief,
Whose soul is ever ready,
Around him to diffuse,
The principles of Masons,
And guard them from abuse;

King Solomon, our patron,
Transmitted this command,
"The faithful and praise-worthy,
True light must understand;
And my descendants, also,
Who're seated in the East,
Have not fulfilled their duty,
Till light has reached the West."

My duty and my station,
As Master in the chair
Obliges me to summon
Each Brother to prepare;
That all may be enabled,
By slow, though sure degrees,
To answer in rotation,
With honor and with ease.

30. ODE.

Music: none

Let us remember in our youth,
Before the evil days draw nigh,
Our Great Creator, and his Truth!
Ere memory fail, and pleasure fly;
Or sun, or moon, or planet's light
Grow dark, or clouds return in gloom;
Ere vital spark no more incite;
When strength shall bow, and years consume.

Let us in youth remember Him!
Who formed our frame, and spirits gave,
Ere windows of the mind grow dim,
Or door of speech obstructed wave;
When voice of bird fresh terrors wake;
And Music's daughters charm no more,
Or fear to rise, with trembling shake,
Along the path we travel o'er.

In youth, to God let memory cling,
Before desire shall fail, or wane,
Or ever he loosed life's silver string,
Or bowl at fountain rent in twain.
For man to his long home doth go,
And mourners group around his urn;
Our dust, to dust again must flow,
And spirits unto God return.

31. SONG.

Music: none

Ah, when shall we three meet like them,
Who last were at Jerusalem;
For three there were, and one is not —
He lies where cassia marks the spot.

Though poor he was, with kings he trod;
Though great, he humbly knelt to God:
Ah when shall those restore again,
The broken link of Friendship's chain?

Behold where mourning beauty bent
In silence over his monument,
And widely spread in sorrow there,
The ringlets of her flowing hair.

The future sons of grief shall sigh,
While standing round in mystic tie,
And raise their hands, alas! to heaven,
In anguish that no hope is given.

From whence we came, or whither go,
Ask me no more, nor seek to know,
Till three shall meet, who formed like them,
The Grand Lodge at Jerusalem.

32. SONG.

Music: PA60

Mark Masters all appear
Before the chief overseer,
In concert move;
Let him your work inspect
For the chief Architect;
If there be no defect,
He will approve.

You have passed the square,
For your rewards prepare.
Join heart and hand;
Each with his mark in view,
March with the just and true;
Wages to you are due
At your command.

Hiram, the widow's son,
Sent unto Solomon
Our great key-stone;
On it appears the name
Which raises high the fame
Of all to whom the same
Is truly known.

Now to the westward move,
Where full of strength and love,
Hiram doth stand;
But if impostors are
Mixed with the worthy there,
Caution them to beware
Of the right hand.

Now to the praise of those
Who triumphed over the foes
Of mason's art;
To the praiseworthy three,
Who founded this degree;
May all their virtues be
Deep in our hearts.

33. ODE.

Music: none

When all was in chaos before the creation,
Confusion and darkness prevailed over the deep,
Until the loud voice of the Lord's proclamation,
Bade science arise from her long dormant sleep;
She obeyed the command, and arose in bright splendor,
Bade darkness avaunt, and light speed the way;
Arrayed in full glory, due homage to render,
Unfurled the broad banner and hailed the new day.

The sound of her gavel roused Genius, her hand-maid,
Who instant came forth, with the compass and square;
The plumb-line and level, the chisel and mallet,
The work of the craftsman to cut and prepare.
Then rally brave craftsmen in bonds of true friendship;
Behold the fair Temple of Wisdom arise,
Let each faithful brother support one another,
Till the Lodge universal shall meet in the skies.

34. SONG.

Music: PA63

Attention Mark Master you're called to appear
Be-fore our famed workmen the chief overseer,
Since our labors are finished for wages prepare,
The Lord of the vineyard, will give each his share.
In concert then move
While brotherly love
Expands each warm heart with fire from above.
Exhibit your work then if clear of defect,
It merits reward from the chief architect.

Mark well every craftsman whose jewel is bright,
If his task is well finished he will him requite;
Each keeping his eye on the mark we've in view,
We'll firmly march on with the just and the true.
Then join heart and hand,
'Tis your's to command
The reward of your merit, so make your demand;
Exhibit your work, for if clear from defect,
You merit reward from the chief architect.

The widow's son, Hiram, the key-stone did bring,
To God's own anointed, the Great Hebrew King;
On it may be found what exalts high our fame,
If rightly decyphered, a mystical name.
The chief architect
Did this key-stone inspect;
And approved of the same, for 'twas free from defect;
Exhibit your work, then, for wages prepare,
The Lord of the vineyard will pay each his share.

In the west stands a brother, who will represent.
That famed skilful architect, he who it sent,
But while in his office he thus takes his stand,
Beware all impostors, how you stretch your hand;
Be cautious, reflect,
You have cause to expect,
'Tis his business, impostors and cowan's to detect,
Then display your own work, to deceive him don't dare,
Or in paying the craft you'll receive a just share.

Let posterity ever bless the names of the three,
Who founded and handed to us this degree:
May their firmness and virtue, by us be enjoyed,
While this world is our Lodge, and we're therein employed;
Our efforts should be,
Who best may agree,
And receive from his master the highest degree.
Well remembering if we don't fail to prepare,
The Lord of the vineyard will pay us our share.



Music: PA67

Unto Thee, great God! belong
Mystic rites and sacred song;
Lowly bending at thy shrine,
We hail thy majesty divine.

Glorious Architect above,
Source of light and source of love;
Here thy light and love prevail,
Hail! Almighty Master hail!

Whilst in yonder regions bright,
The sun by day, the moon by night;
And the stars that gild the sky,
Blazon forth thy praise on high.

Join, Oh Earth; and as you roll
From east to west, from pole to pole,
Lift to Him your grateful lays,
Join the universal praise.

Warmed by benignant grace,
Friendship linked the human race;
Pity lodged within the breast,
Charity became her guest.

There the naked, raiment found;
Sickness, balsam for its wound
Sorrow, comfort; hunger, bread
Strangers, there a welcome shed.

Still to us, 0 God! dispense
Thy divine benevolence;
Teach the tender tear to flow,
Melting at a Brother's woe.

Like Samaria's son, that we,
Blest with boundless charity,
To the admiring world may prove,
They dwell in God, who dwell in love

36. SONG.

Music: PA70

Let Masonry from pole to pole,
Her sacred laws expand,
Far as the mighty waters roll,
To wash remotest land,
That virtue has not left mankind,
Her social maxims prove,
For stamped upon the Mason's mind,
Are unity and love,

Ascending to her native sky,
Let Masonry increase;
A glorious pillar raised on high,
Integrity its base.
Peace adds to olive boughs entwined,
An emblematic dove,
And stamped upon the Mason's mind,
Is unity and love.


37. SONG.

Music: PA73

All hail to the morning, That bids us rejoice;
The temple's completed, Exalt high each voice;
The capstone is finished, Our labor is o'er;
The sound of the gavel shall hail us no more,
To the Power Almighty, who ever has guided
The tribes of old Israel, exalting their fame;
To Him, who hath governed our hearts undivided,
Let's send forth our voices to praise his great Name.

Companions assemble
On this joyful day;
The occasion is glorious,
The key-stone to lay:
Fulfilled is the promise,
By the Ancient of Days,
To bring forth the cap-stone
With shouting and praise.


There is no more occasion for level or plumb-line,
For trowel or gavel, for compass or square;
Our works are completed, the ark safely seated,
And we shall be greeted as workmen most rare.

Now those who are worthy,
Our toils who have shared,
And proved themselves faithful,
Shall meet their reward;
Their virtue, and knowledge,
Industry and skill,
Have our approbation,
Have gained our good will.

We accept and receive them, Most Excellent Masters,
Invested with honors, and power to preside;
Among worthy crafts-men, wherever assembled,
The knowledge of Masons to spread far and wide.

Almighty Jehovah!
Descend now and fill
This Lodge with thy glory.
Our hearts with good will
Preside at our meetings,
Assist us to find
True pleasure in teaching
Good will to mankind.

Thy wisdom inspired the great institution,
Thy strength shall support it till nature expire;
And when the creation shall fall into ruin,
Its beauty shall rise through the midst of the fire!


38. SONG.

Music: none

Almighty Sire! our heavenly king,
Before whose sacred name we bend,
Accept the praises which we sing,
And to our humble prayer attend!

All hail great Architect divine!
This universal frame is thine.

Thou who didst Persia's King command,
A proclamation to extend,
That Israel's sons might quit his land,
Their holy temple to attend.

That sacred place where three in one,
Comprised thy comprehensive name;
And where the bright meridian sun
Was soon thy glory to proclaim.

39. SONG.

Music: PA78

When orient Wisdom beamed serene,
And pillared Strength arose;
When Beauty tinged the glowing scene.
And Faith her mansion chose;
Exulting bands the fabric viewed,
Mysterious powers adored;
And high the Triple Union stood,
That gave the mystic word.

Pale envy withered at the sight,
And frowning at the pile,
Called murder from the realms of night,
To blast the glorious toil;
With ruffian outrage, joined in woe,
They form the league abhorred,
And wounded Science felt the blow,
That crushed the mystic word.

Concealment, from sequestered grave,
On sable pinions flew,
And over the sacrilegious grave,
Her vail impervious threw;
The associate band in solemn state,
The awful loss deplored,
And Wisdom mourned the ruthless fate,
That whelmed the mystic word.

At length through time's expanded sphere,
Fair Science speeds her way,
And warmed by truth's refulgence clear,
Reflects the kindred ray;
A second fabric's towering height
Proclaims the sign restored,
From whose foundation, brought to light,
Is drawn the mystic word.

To depths obscure, the favored Trine
A dreary course engage,
Till through the Arch the ray divine
Illumes the sacred page!
From the wide wonders of this blaze,
Our ancient sign's restored,
The Royal Arch alone displays
The long lost mystic word.


40. HYMN.

Music: none

Guide me, 0 thou great Jehovah!
Pilgrim through this barren land:
I am weak but thou art mighty —
Hold me in thy powerful hand;
Bread of heaven,
Feed me till I want no more.

Open now thy crystal fountain,
Whence the healing streams do flow.
Let the fiery, cloudy pillar,
Lead me all my journey through;
Strong deliverer,
Be thou still my strength and shield.

Feed me with the heavenly manna,
In this barren wilderness;
Be my sword, and shield, and banner,
Be my robe of righteousness;
Fight and conquor
All my foes by sovereign grace.

When I tread the verge of Jordan,
Bid my anxious fears subside;
Foe to death and hell's destruction,
Land me safe on Canaan's side;
Songs of praises
I will ever give to thee.

41. SONG.

Music: none

As, when the weary traveler gains
the hight of some commanding hill,
His heart revives, if over the plains
He sees his home, though distant still;

So, when the Christian pilgrim views
By faith his mansion in the skies,
The sight his fainting strength renews,
And wings his speed to reach the prize.

The hope of heaven his spirit cheers;
No more he grieves for sorrows past:
Nor any future conflict fears,
So he may safe arrive at last.

0 Lord on thee our hopes we stay,
To lead us on to thine abode;
Assured thy love will far overpay
The hardest labors of the road.

42. SONG.

Music: PA83

He dies; the friend of sinners dies!
Lo! Salem's daughters weep around,
A solemn darkness vails the skies,
A sudden trembling shakes the ground.

Come, saints, and drop a tear or two
For him who groaned beneath your load,
He shed a thousand drops for you,
A thousand drops of richer blood.

Here's love and grief beyond degree,
The Lord of glory dies for man!
But lo! what sudden joys we see:
Jesus, the dead, revives again!

The rising God forsakes the tomb;
(In vain the tomb forbids his rise)
Cherubic legions guard him home,
And shout him welcome to the skies.

Break off your tears, ye saints, and tell
How high our great Deliverer reigns;
Sing how he spoiled the hosts of Hell,
And held the monster, Death, in chains!

Say, "Live forever, wondrous King!
Born to redeem, and strong to save!"
Then ask the monster, "Where's thy sting?"
And "Where's thy victory, boasting grave?"

43. SONG.

Music: PA85

Angels! roll the rock away!
Death yield up thy mighty prey!
See! He rises from the tomb,
Rises with immortal bloom.

'Tis the Savior — Seraphs, raise
Your triumphant shouts of praise;
Let the earth's remotest bound
Hear the joy inspiring sound.

Lift, ye saints — lift up your eyes!
Now to glory see Him rise!
Hosts of angels on the road,
Hail and sing the incarnate God.

Heaven unfolds its portals wide;
Gracious conqueror through, them ride,
King of glory! mount thy throne,
Boundless empire is thine own.

Praise him, all ye heavenly choirs,
Praise and sweep your golden lyres;
Praise him in the noblest songs;
Praise him from ten thousand tongues.


44. HYMN.

Music: none

To Heaven's high Architect all praise,
All gratitude be given,
Who deigned the human soul to raise
By secrets sprung from Heaven.

Then sound the great Jehovah's praise;
To Him the glorious structure raise.

Now swells the choir in solemn tone,
And hovering angels join;
Religion looks delighted down,
When votaries press the shrine.

Blest be the place! thither repair
The true and pious train:
Devotion wakes her anthems there,
And heaven accepts the strain.


Music: PA88

Sons of a glorious order anointed
To cherish for ages the Ark of the Lord,
Wearing the mystical badges appointed,
Come to the temple with sweetest accord.
Come lay the corner stone
Asking the Lord to own
Labors that tend to his glory and praise;
Long may the mercy seat,
Where angels' pinions meet,
Rest in the beautiful temple ye raise.

Brothers united, to you it is given,
To enlighten the woes of a sin-blighted world,
Far over the earth, on the free winds of heaven,
Now let your banners of love be unfurled.
Write there the blessed three,
Faith, Hope, and Charity,
Names that shall live through the cycle of time,
Write them on every heart,
Make them your guide and chart,
Over life's sea to the heavens sublime.

Go forth befriending the way-weary stranger,
Brightening the pathway that sorrow hath crossed;
Strengthening the weak, in the dark hour of danger,
Clothing the naked and seeking the lost.
Opening the prison door,
Feeding the starving poor,
Chiding the evil, approving the just,
Drying the widow's tears,
Soothing the orphan's fears,
Great is your mission, "in God is your trust."

Go, in the spirit of him who is holy,
Gladden the wastes and the by-ways of earth,
Visit the homes of the wretched and lowly,
Bringing relief to the desolate hearth.
Bind up the broken heart,
Joy to the sad impart,
Stay the oppressor and strengthen the just;
Freely do ye receive,
Freely to others give,
Great is your mission, "in God is your trust."


46. HYMN.

Music: PA93

"Let there be light!" the Almighty spoke!
Refulgent streams from chaos broke,
To illume the rising earth
Well pleased the great Jehovah stood,
The Power supreme pronounced it good,
And gave the planets birth.

In choral numbers Masons join,
To bless and praise this Light Divine!

Parent of light accept our praise,
Who shedest on us thy brightest rays,
The light that fills the mind;
By choice selected, lo! we stand,
By friendship joined a social band,
That love, that aid mankind.

The widow's tear, the orphan's cry,
All wants our ready hands supply,
As far as power is given;
The naked clothe, the prisoner free,
These are thy works, sweet Charity;
Revealed to us from Heaven.


47. SONG.

Music: PA97

Hail, universal Lord!
By heaven and earth adored,
All hail, Great God!
Before thy throne we bend,
To us thy grace extend.
And to our prayer attend!
All hail, Great God!

0, hear our prayer to day,
Turn not thy face away;
0 Lord, our God!
Heaven, thy dread dwelling-place,
Can not contain thy Grace,
Remember now our race,
0 Lord, our God!

God of our fathers hear,
And to our cry be near,
Jehovah, God!
The Heavens eternal bow,
Forgive in mercy now
Thy suppliants here, 0 thou,
Jehovah God!

To thee our hearts do draw,
On them 0 write thy law,
Our Saviour, God!
When in this Lodge we're met,
And at thine altar knelt,
0, do not us forget,
Our Saviour, God!

48. ODE.

Music: none

Almighty Father! God of Love!
Sacred, eternal king of kings!
From thy celestial courts above,
Send beams of grace on seraph's wings;
0, may they, gilt with light divine,
Shed on our hearts inspiring rays;
While, bending at this sacred shrine,
We offer mystic songs of praise.

Faith! with divine and heavenward eye,
Pointing to radiant realms of bliss,
Shed here thy sweet benignity,
And crown our works with happiness;
Hope! too, with bosom void of fear,
Still on thy steadfast anchor lean,
0, shed thy balmy influence here,
And fill our breasts with joy serene.

And thou, fair Charity! whose smile
Can bid the heart forget its woe,
Whose hand can misery's care beguile,
And kindness' sweetest boon bestow,
Here shed thy sweet, soul-soothing ray;
Soften our hearts, thou Power divine!
Bid the warm gem of pity play,
With sparkling luster, on our shrine.

Thou, who art throned 'midst dazzling light,
And wrapped in brilliant robes of gold,
Whose flowing locks of silvery white
Thy age and honor both unfold,
Genius of Masonry! descend.
And guide our steps by thy strict law;
O, swiftly to our temple bend,
And fill our breasts with solemn awe.

49. HYMN.

Music: none

Great source of light and love,
To thee our songs we raise;
O, in thy temple, Lord, above.
Hear and accept our praise.

Shine on this festive day,
Succeed its hoped design:
And may our Charity display
A love resembling thine.

May this fraternal band,
Now consecrated, blessed,
In Union all distinguished stand,
In Purity be dressed.

May all the sons of peace,
Their every grace improve;
Till discord through the nations cease,
And all the world be Love.

50. ODE.

Music: PA101

Brothers rejoice! for our task is completed,
After the pattern appointed of yore;
Let the reward to the Craftsmen be meted,
While, with thanksgiving, we bow and adore;
Low at the feet of Him,
Throned were the Seraphim
And the Archangels sing anthems of praise:
Born of the lowly dust,
Wanting in faith and trust,
How shall we worship Thee, Ancient of days?:

Darkly we grope through the twilight of being;
Weary we wait for the day dawning bright,
Father Omnific, Supreme and All-seeing,
Come to thy Temple and fill it with Light.
Write here thy great New Name,
Kindle the altar flame,
Sacred to Thee, in the most holy place;
And where the cherubs fling
Light from each golden wing,
Leave us the Ark with its Symbols of grace.

Show us the Truth and the pathway of duty;
Help us to lift up our standard sublime,
'Til earth is restored to the Order and Beauty
Lost in the shadowless morning of Time.
Teach us to sow the seed
Of many a noble deed;
Make us determined, unflinching, and strong —
Armed with the sword of right,
Dauntless, amid the fight,
Help us to Level the bulwarks of wrong.

Prompt us to labor, as Thou hast directed,
On the foundation laid sure in the past;
And may "the Stone which the builders rejected."
Crown our endeavors with glory at last.
Then, at the eventide,
Laying the Square aside,
May we look calmly on life's setting sun;
And at the Mercy Seat,
Where ransomed spirits meet,
Hear from the Master the plaudit, "well done."


51. HYMN.

Music: PA107

Thou art gone to the grave, but we will not deplore thee,
Though sorrow and darkness encompass the tomb,
The Savior has passed through its portals before thee,
And the lamp of his love is thy guide through the gloom,

Thou art gone to the grave, we no longer behold thee,
Nor tread the rough path of the world by thy side;
But the wide arms of mercy are spread to enfold thee,
And sinners may hope since the Savior hath died,

Thou art gone to the grave, and its mansions forsaken,
Perhaps thy tried spirit in doubt lingered long;
But the sunshine of heaven beamed bright on thy waking,
And the song that thou heardst was the seraphim's song,

Thou art gone to the grave, but 'twere wrong to deplore thee,
When God was thy ransom, guardian and guide;
He gave thee, and took thee, and soon will restore thee,
Where death hath no sting, since the Savior hath died,

52. ODE.

Music: none

Oh! breathe not his name, let it sleep in the shade,
Where cold and unhonored his relics are laid;
Sad, silent, and dark be the tears that we shed,
As the night dew that falls on the grass o'er his head!

But the night dew that falls, though in silence it weeps,
Shall brighten with verdure the grave where he sleeps;
And the tear that we shed though in secret it rolls,
Shall long keep his memory green in our souls.

53. HYMN.

Music: PA111

Unveil thy bosom, faithful tomb,
Take this new treasure to thy trust,
And give these sacred relics room
To slumber in the silent dust.

Nor pain, nor grief, nor anxious fear,
Invade thy bounds; no mortal woes
Can reach the silent sleepers here,
And angels watch their soft repose.

So Jesus slept; God's dying Son,
Past through the grave, and blest the bed;
Rest here dear Saint, 'til from his throne
The morning break, and pierce the shade.

Break from his throne, illustreous morn,
Attend, O Earth, his sovereign word;
Restore thy trust, a glorious form,
He must ascend to meet his Lord.


Music: none

"Man dieth and wasteth away,
And where is he?" — Hark! from the skies,
I hear a voice answer, and say
"The spirit of man never dies:
His body which came from the earth,
Must mingle again with the sod;
But his soul, which in heaven had birth,
Returns to the bosom of God."

The sky will be burnt as a scroll,
The earth, wrapt in flames, will expire;
But, freed from all shackles, the soul
Will rise in the midst of the fire.
Then, brothers, mourn not for the dead
Who rest from their labors, forgiven:
Learn this from your bible instead,
The grave is the gate-way to heaven.

Oh Lord God Almighty! to Thee
We turn as our solace above;
The waters may fail from the sea,
But not from thy fountains of love:
O teach us Thy will to obey,
And sing with one heart and accord,
"The Lord gives and the Lord takes away,
And praised be the name of the Lord."



Music: PA115

Ah, who that never felt can know,
How heavy hangs the day,
When all the heart holds dear below
Is absent far away.
Ah, who, that never felt, can tell
How swiftly flies the hour,
Which at last,
Dangers past,
Brings back joys, withering fast,
Life's a sky, overcast,
Sunbeams play or tempests lower.

Many a weary sun had set,
Ere thine, St. John, arose;
Many an eye must still be wet,
Before the day shall close:
0, may we on thy natal day
Thy sainted spirit feel,
Dry the eye,
Hush the sigh
Of the low and the high;
Sorrow's dart no one may fly,
But its wound our Art can heal.

The sigh, though hush'd, the tear, though dried,
Though sorrow pain no more;
Yet poor's the bliss to earth allied,
When earthly scenes are o'er:
But heaven descended Masonry
The immortal world unveils:
There decay,
Old and gray,
With no ruin marks his way;
There shall Virtue safely stay,
Heaven never promises and fails.


Music: none

When chaos invested the face of the earth,
And to darkness, confusion and discord gave birth,
The fiat of heaven mid the tumult was heard,
And nature obey'd the omnipotent word.
Jehovah's great mandate was, 'Let there be light;'
And harmony triumphed over discord and night.

What joy filled the earth, when the herald of love,
On a mission of mercy dispatched from above,
While the choir of high heaven rλechoed the strain,
Proclaimed 'On earth, peace, and good will toward men;'
What raptures ecstatic, were born on the sound,
That spread the glad tidings creation around.

Thus the moral world joyed, when the shadows of night
Were chased from the soul by effulgence of Light;
When by Wisdom contrived, and in Beauty arrayed,
And by strength well supported, our Lodge stood displayed;
With the 'Olive of Peace' Freemasonry rose,
And dissention was hushed on the breast of repose.

To perform to acceptance we're ever inclined,
Our duty to God, to ourselves and mankind;
Thus our course through this life of probation we steer,
And when Scripture we follow, no danger we fear;
Our square and our compass are ne'er misapplied,
Our trust is in God — and his Word is our guide.

The passage of life to convey us safe o'er,
While we pray for the breeze, let us ply at the oar;
To the Grand Lodge in heaven for admission we pray,
And Faith, Hope and Charity point out the way;
To that blest consummation we press gladly on,
And take for our Model, our Patron, St. John.

Then in prayer Masons join, to our Master above,
That our lodges on earth may be lodges of love;
That the whole race of man may hereafter be blest,
Through Eternity's day in the mansions of rest;
Then shout, Brethren, shout in harmonious glee,
In unison shout the motto — 'So mote it be.'


57. SONG.

Music: PA121

Hail, to the day! when assembled in union,
Springs at the altar of Friendship and Truth,
Pledge of our fairest, our dearest communion,
The floweret, which blooms in perennial youth;
Ever has it flourished fair,
Sighed on by heaven's air,
Nurtured by dew drops, distilled from above
Bright o'er its natal bed,
Beams of gay light shall spread,
Strengthening the rays of Affection and Love.

Hail to the Craft! whose light, broadly beaming,
Streams from the lovliest Star of the sky;
0'er sorrows vale ever cheerfully gleaming,
Guiding to yonder bright temple on high;
Still may that holy ray,
Type of Immortal day,
Light the lone path of the pilgrim along;
'Til the Grand Master's 'hest
Bid all his labors rest,
Attuning his harp to the mystical song.

Long may each Mason be firm in his duty,
The grand and the useful in harmony join;
Long in his Temple may Wisdom and Beauty,
Stars of the high arch of Masonry, shine;
Here may we often meet
Each brother true to greet,
Time strewing flowers over the swift rolling year;
Here may fair Union rise
Here join the good and wise,
Charity, Friendship, and Truth to revere.

Now to Creation's Great Builder ascending,
Loud let the Chorus of Gratitude swell;
Here as before him we humbly are bending,
0! may He deign in his Temple to dwell;
Here may the social fire
Of love to heaven aspire,
Long from this Altar rise Incense of praise
To the Eternal One,
Our ceaseless shining sun,
Master of All — Holy "Ancient of Days!"

58. SONG.

Music: none

From envy, strife, and pride;
From all the sorrow, weariness, and care,
That Heaven permits our human hearts to bear,
Now let us turn aside.

We meet, as met the good,
When first our glorious jewels were enshrined —
Time has no power to break the ties that bind
Our mystic brotherhood.

Like some resplendant star,
Above the somber clouds of Pagan night,
In radiant beauty rose Masonic light,
And cast its beams afar.

And still in every clime,
Above the sneer of scorn, the frown of hate,
Revered and cherished by the good and great,
Our Order stands sublime.

When ages have gone by,
Still it will flourish in immortal youth —
Faith may be lost in sight, but love and truth
Can never, never die.

Here warring passions cease;
Here from the turmoils of the world apart,
The weary spirit and the bleeding heart
Find comfort, rest, and peace

Since last we met, dear friends,
Who clasped our hands and greeted us in love,
Have joined the Grand Triumphant Lodge above,
Whose meeting never ends.

Life's sands are falling fast;
We know not when our hearts shall cease to beat —
This season of communion, calm and sweet,
May be on earth our last.

Hence, watching day by day,
Let us improve the talents God has given;
He will require a strict account, when heaven
And earth shall pass away.

It is our task below,
To lead the wayward from the path of sin;
To feed the hungry, take the stranger in,
And solace human woe.

To seek the poor abode;
To minister beside the dying bed —
To soothe the suffering, hold the fainting head.
And point the soul to God.

Let us be firm and true,
Forgetting never the All-Seeing Eye,
Of Him who sits upon the throne on high,
Beholding all we do.

And when the sea and land
Shall render up to God their sleeping dust,
Through grace unmerited we humbly trust,
To meet at His right hand.



Music: none

While all our nation whelmed in grief,
Lament their General, Patriot, Chief,
Let us, his brethren, long revere
A name to Masonry so dear!

In mystic rites our Lodge displays,
Its sorrows and its patron's praise;
And spreads fresh garlands round the tomb,
Where the sweet cassia long shall bloom.

Look to the East; its splendors fail!
The lesser lights grow dim and pale!
The glory once reflected here
Now dawns upon a higher sphere!

60. SONG.

Music: none

Not the fictions of Greece nor the dreams of old Rome,
Shall with visions mislead, or with meteors consume;
No Pegasus' wings my short soarings misguide,
Nor raptures detain me on Helicon's side.
All clouds now dissolve; from the east beams the day:
Truth rises in glory, and wakens the lay.
The eagle-eyed muse — sees the light — fills the grove
With the song of Freemasons, of friendship and love!

Inspired with the theme, the divinity flies,
And throned on a rainbow — before her arise
Past, present, and future — with splendid array,
In Masonic succession, their treasures display:
She views murdered merit by ruffian-hand fall,
And the grave give its dead up, at fellowship's call!
While the Craft, by their badges, their innocence prove;
And the song of Freemasons is friendship and love!

From those ages remote, see the muse speed her ways,
To join in the glories the present displays.
In freedom and friendship she sees the true band
With their splendor and virtues illumine the land.
Religion's pure beams break the vapors of night,
And from darkness mysterious the word gives the light!
While the lodge here below, as the choirs from above,
Join the song of Freemasons, in friendship and love!

That the future might keep what the present bestows,
In rapture prophetic the goddess arose;
As she sung through the skies, angels echoed the sound,
And the winds bore the notes to the regions around;
The kind proclamation our song shall retain,
'Twas that — "Masonry long may its luster maintain."
And till Time be no more, our fraternity prove,
That the objects we aim at, are friendship and love!


Music: none

When Masonry expiring lay,
By knaves and fools rejected,
Without one hope, one cheering ray,
By worthless fools neglected;
Fair Virtue fled,
Truth hung her head,
0verwhelmed in deep confusion,
Sweet Friendship too
Her smiles withdrew
From this best institution.

Columbia's sons determined then
Freemasonry to cherish;
They roused her into life again,
And bid fair science flourish.
Now Virtue bright,
Truth robed in white,
With Friendship hither hastens;
All go in hand
To bless the band
Of upright faithful Masons.

Since Masonry's revived once more,
Pursue her wise directions;
Let circumspection go before,
And Virtue square your actions;
Unite your hands
In Friendship's bands,
Supporting one another;
With honest heart
Fair truth impart
To every faithful brother.

But may kind Heaven's gracious hand
Still regulate each action;
May every lodge securely stand
Against the storms of faction;
May Love and Peace
Each day increase
Throughout this happy nation;
May they extend
Till all shall end
In one great conflagration.

62. SONG

Music: PA130

Arise, and blow thy trumpet, Fame!
Freemasonry aloud proclaim,
To realms and worlds unknown;
Tell them 'twas this great David's son,
The wise, the matchless Solomon,
Prized far above his throne.

The solemn temples, cloud-capt towers,
The aspiring domes, are works of ours,
By us those piles were raised;
Then bid mankind with songs advance,
And through the ethereal vast expanse
Let Masonry be praised!

We help the poor in time of need,
The naked clothe, the hungry feed,
'Tis our foundation stone:
We build upon the noblest plan,
For friendship rivets man to man,
And makes us all as one.

Still louder, Fame! thy trumpet blow;
Let all the distant regions know
Freemasonry is this:
Almighty Wisdom gave it birth,
And Heaven has fixed it here on earth,
A type of future bliss!

63. SONG.

Music: none

What is life of love bereft,
When its heavenly joys are fled?
Lives the heart that love has left,
Is there life when love is dead?

When our ills were first filled up,
Love the sweetening drop did give;
And by mingling in the cup,
Made it worth man's while to live.

Sweetest passion, generous flame,
Parent of the tender sigh,
Let us praise thy honored name,
By loving truly till we die.

64. SONG.

Music: none

Humanity's soft, gentle band
Unites us to each other;
And every heart and every hand
Should try to save a brother.
Not only should the kindred tie
Incline us to be kind;
But every tear, that dims the eye,
Should wound the feeling mind.

We're children of one family,
And earth, our common mother;
When sorrow and distress we see,
With joy relieve a brother.
Humanity! thou gift divine,
The mind is cold and dark,
That will not to thy voice incline,
Nor feel the pitying spark.

65. ODE.

Music: none

Rest, holy pilgrim, rest, I pray,
Dreary to Mecca's shrine thy way;
0 deign an hermit's hut to share,
Nor proudly spurn his homely fare.

But say from whence thy sorrows flow,
Impart each secret source of woe;
For time, I see, and grief have spread
A silver halo over thy head.

No ruffian, lawless steps intrude
To blast the joys of solitude;
But peace and meditation dwell,
Sweet inmates of the hermit's cell.

To quench thy thirst the rock shall flow,
To feed thee, sweetest fruits shall grow,
Soft dreams shall nature's waste repair,
Then deign an hermit's hut to share.

66. HYMN.

Music: none

O, Charity! thou heavenly grace,
All tender, soft and kind;
A friend to all the human race,
To all, that's good and kind.
The man of charity extends
To all his liberal hand;
His kindred, neighbors, foes and friends,
His pity may command.

He aids the poor in their distress —
He hears when they complain;
With tender heart delights to bless
And lessen all their pain:
The sick, the prisoner, poor, and blind,
And all the sons of grief,
In him a benefactor find,
He loves to give relief.

'Tis love, that makes religion sweet,
'Tis love, that makes us rise,
With willing mind and ardent feet,
To yonder happy skies:
Then let us all in love abound,
And Charity pursue;
Thus shall we be with glory crowned,
And love as angels do.

67. SONG.

Music: none

How blest is he, whose generous soul
Will to the needy joy impart;
Who bids the streams of pity roll,
To cheer the helpless wanderer's heart.

Nor shall the widow's fervent prayer,
For him, unheeded, rise above,
But soar to heavenly regions fair,
And reach the Eternal Throne of Love.

The houseless orphan, doomed to roam,
Shall oft repeat the Mason's name,
And when he leaves his sheltering dome,
Through every wandering, tell his fame.

For him the matin song shall rise,
And evening vesper soft ascend,
Imploring God, who rules the skies,
To bless the child of sorrow's friend.

68. SONG.

Music: none

When the star of thy destiny glows,
With a brilliancy gilding thy days;
When the free hand of Providence throws
The roses of hope on thy ways;
When the world seems to pour at thy feet,
Its treasures in ne'er-failing streams;
And thy hours, for such blisses too fleet,
Glide smoothly, as young lovers' dreams.

Let thy pleasure, reflected, be thrown
Mid the darkness of sorrow and care;
Make the cause of the widowed thine own,
And thy wealth with the fatherless share.
Let thy footsteps bring joy to the ear
Of the sorrowing children of pain;
And thy tongue proclaim succor is near,
To those who've long sought it in rain.

And despair shall not vanquish thy soul,
When the clouds of adversity lower;
Nor the waters of misery roll
0'er thy spirit with mastering power.
For the pain thou hast helped to subdue,
The anguish thy hand hath allayed,
Shall descend on thy spirit like dew,
To refreshen — to solace — to aid.

69. SONG.

Music: none

Oh! think when misfortune has withered the heart,
How cheering a brother to find;
What blessings the voice of a friend can impart
To the drooping disconsolate mind!
The hand grasped in friendship, diffuses a charm,
Can smooth the deep furrows of care;
Can fate's stern decree of its terrors disarm,
And banish the gloom of despair.
Can fate's stern decree of its terrors disarm,
And banish the gloom of despair.

70. SONG.

Music: none

Should the chances of life ever tempt me to roam,
In a Lodge of Freemasons I'll still find a home;
There the sweet smile of friendship still welcomes each guest,
And Brotherly love gives that welcome a zest.

When I'm absent from Lodge, pleasure tempts me in vain,
As I sigh for the moments of meeting again;
For friendship and harmony truly are there,
Where we meet on the level and part on the square.

There the soul-binding Union surely is known,
Which unites both the peasant and prince on the throne;
There the rich and the poor on the level do meet,
And, as brothers, each other most cordially greet.

On the quick sands of life should a brother be thrown,
It is then that the friendship of brothers is shown;
For the heart points the hand, his distress to remove,
For our motto is "Kindness and brotherly love."

When the master of all, from his star-studded throne,
Shall issue his mandate to summon us home;
May each brother be found, to be duly prepared,
In the Grand Lodge above us to meet his reward.


Music: none

Parent of all! Omnipotent
In heaven and earth below;
Through all creation's bounds unspent,
Whose streams of goodness flow.

Teach me to know from whence I rose,
And unto what designed;
No private aims let me propose,
Since linked with human kind.

But chief to hear fair virtue's voice,
May all my thoughts incline;
'Tis reason's law, 'tis wisdom's choice,,
'Tis nature's call, and thine.

Me from our sacred order's cause,
Let nothing e'er divide;
Grandeur, nor gold, nor vain applause,
ISTor friendship false misguide.

Teach me to feel a Brother's grief,
To do in all what's best;
To suffering man to give relief,
And blessing to be blest.

72. SONG.

Music: none

Oh! Masonry, our hearts inspire,
And warm us with thy sacred fire;
Make us obedient to thy laws,
And zealous to support thy cause;
For thou and virtue are the same.
And only differ in the name.

Pluck narrow notions from the mind,
And plant the love of human kind.
Teach us to feel a brother's woe,
And feeling, comfort to bestow;
Let none, unheeded, draw the sigh,
No grief unnoticed pass us by.

Let swelling Pride a stranger be,
Our friend composed Humility.
Our hands let steady Justice guide,
And Temperance at our boards preside;
Let Secrecy our steps attend,
And injured Worth our tongues defend.

Drive Meanness from us, sly Deceit,
And Calumny, and rigid Hate;
Oh! may our highest pleasure be
To add to man's felicity:
And may we, as thy votaries true,
Thy paths, oh! Masonry, pursue.

73. SONG.

Music: none

0 what a happy thing it is,
"Brethren to dwell in unity!"
While every action's squared by this,
The true base line of Masonry,
Our plumb-line fixed is the point,
The angle of uprightness shows;
From side to side, from joint to joint,
By steps the stately mansion rose.

Whate'er the order or the plan,
The parts will with the whole agree
For by a geometric man,
The work is done in symmetry.
From east to west, from north to south,
Far as the foaming billows roll,
Faith, Hope, and silver-braided Truth,
Shall stamp with worth the Mason's soul.

But, chiefest, come, sweet Charity,
Meek, tender, hospitable guest;
Aided by those, inspired by thee,
How tranquil is the Mason's breast!
An olive branch thy forehead binds,
The gift that peerless Prudence gave,
An emblem of congenial minds,
And such Masonic brethren have.

74. SONG.

Music: none

When the sun from the east salutes mortal eyes,
And the sky-lark melodiously bids us arise;
With our hearts full of joy we the summons obey,
And haste to our work at the dawn of the day.

On the tressel our master draws angles and lines,
There with freedom and fervency forms his designs;
Not a picture on earth is so lovely to view,
All his lines are so perfect, his angles so true.

In the west see the wardens submissively stand,
The master to aid; and obey his command;
The intent of his signal we perfectly know,
And we never take offense when he gives us a blow.

In the Lodge, sloth and dullness we always avoid,
Fellow-crafts and apprentices all are employed:
Perfect ashlers some finish, some make the rough, plain,
All are pleased with their work, and are pleased with their gain.

75. SONG.

Music: none

Grant me, kind Heaven, what I request,
In Masonry let me be blest;
Direct me to that happy place,
Where friendship smiles in every face;
Where freedom, and sweet innocence,
Enlarge the mind and cheer the sense.

Where sceptered reason from her throne,
Surveys the Lodge and makes us one;
And harmony's delightful sway
For ever sheds ambrosial day;
Where we blest Eden's pleasures taste,
While balmy joys are our repast.

Our Lodge the social virtues grace,
And wisdom's rule we fondly trace;
All nature, opened to our view,
Points out the paths we should pursue;
Let us subsist in lasting peace,
And may our happiness increase.

76. SONG.

Music: PA141

Three thousand years away have rolled,
Since that bright banner first was seen
To float in pride o'er tents of old.
Where worshipped Israel's wisest king,
Around the old and vine-clad hills,
Where Patriarchs and Prophets trod,
It waved — near Judah's murmuring rills.
And o'er the Temple built for God.

Our banners bright — Our banners bright,
We fling them out on freedom's air;
Our banners bright — Our banners bright,
Behold our beauteous Emblems there.

That banner floated many a year,
Beneath the tempest's blasting wings;
But still it proudly flutters here,
And still around our hearts it clings.
Among ruins deep, over rugged ways,
Beneath its folds, in Pilgrim garb,
We labored oft, in other days,
To gain the long lost mystic word.

Hail, noble Flag! the loved and free,
Around thee, gathering, still shall meet
As erst, in bonds of Masonry,
And Brother, fondly, Brother greet.
And when we're marked our last design,
And passed as Pilgrims to the grave,
That Flag shall still in glory shine,
And o'er our slumbers gently wave.


Music: none


There's a vision once seen never passeth from sight,
For it fixeth the eye, fills the soul with delight;
It clears all obstructions, admits of no shade,
Is a light to the mind — 'tis a beam not to fade.

There's a glow so seraphic, to gladden the earth,
We feel, while it lingers, its heavenly birth,
It blesses and cheers, soothes and comforts the world,
Embracing the globe, with its bright folds unfurled.

There's a joy so absorbing, a rapture so calm,
It lives while there's impulse the heart's blood to warm,
Nor quenched till the spirit shall part from the clay,
It illumes with its glory life's dreariest day.


Music: PA145

A clear bell sounds upon the breeze,
And lo! a bridal train
Is winding through the forest trees
To yonder sacred fane;
And there, before the chancel rail,
Two hearts devoted bow,
The Pride and Beauty of the vale,
Exchange the nuptial vow:
And now, 'mid many a beaming smile,
The loved one by her side,
She passes down the echoing aisle,
A youthful Mason's bride.

Away, along the thundering main
A gallant vessel flies,
Like war-steed o'er the battle plain,
Or lightning through the skies;
And far behind, a line of blue
Between the sky and sea,
Her native land fades on her view
In dim obscurity.
"Ah! from the true and tried I rove,"
The weeping lady cried,
A kind voice whispered, "Gentle love,
Thou art a Mason's Bride."

"And fear thee not, in every land
Beneath yon sky of blue,
Thou wilt meet a warm, devoted band
Of Brothers — kind and true.
And never the world's tempestuous war
Their noble bark shall 'whelm,
While Faith shall be their guiding star,
And Love directs the helm.
Then fear thee not wherever we rove,
Whatever ills betide,
Remember, yes, remember love,
Thou art a Mason's Bride."

Ere long within a foreign land
Health's lovely roses fled,
And sickness laid her blighting hand
On that young lover's head.
And then, when at the mystic sign,
Kind brothers round him pressed,
And poured sweet sympathy's pure wine
Upon the stranger's breast —
And bade him on his journey speed
With every want supplied —
That lady felt 'twas blest indeed
To be a Mason's Bride.


Music: PA147

The lurid sun hung low and red,
Above the plains of Monterey,
Where, among the dying and the dead,
A young and wounded soldier lay;
Still from the cannon's iron throat
Hoarse thunder burst; and gleaming flame,
And blended with the bugle's note,
The far-off shout of triumph came!

But heeded not that shout of pride,
The soldier stretched upon the plain,
For oozed away life's purple tide,
And fever burned in every vein;
His thoughts were in his native land,
Among the friends he held most dear,
Again he felt the breezes bland,
And saw the waters gliding clear.

"Alas!" he sighed, "delicious dream,
Those scenes shall never greet me more:
0 for one draught from that sweet stream
That sings beside my father's door."
Just then a Mason passing by,
By the sweet angel Mercy sent,
Caught the poor youth's desponding sigh.
And listened to his sad lament.

He brought him water bright and clear,
And bound with skill each bleeding wound,
Then bore him on his breast sincere,
Far from that bloody battle-ground.
Long Death and Life together strove,
And oft Life's lamp burned dim and low,
But in his faithful work of love
The Mason never did weary grow.

He marked with deep, intense delight,
Health smile upon the grateful youth,
And heard him bless that Order bright
Whose lovely "guiding-star is Truth,"
That Order, whose pure sons are found
Where'er the foot of man may rove —
Still pouring richest blessings round —
The ministers of peace and love!


Music: none

There's a Star in the West that shall never go down
Till the records of valor decay;
We must worship its light, though it is not our own;
For Liberty bursts in its ray;
Shall the name of a Washington ever be heard
By a freeman, and thrill not his breast?
Is there one out of bondage that hails not the word
As the Bethlehem Star of the West?

"War, war to the knife; be enthralled, or ye die!"
Was the echo that woke in the land;
But it was not his voice that had prompted the cry,
Nor his anger that kindled the brand;
He raised not his arm, he defied not his foes,
While a leaf of the olive remained,
Till goaded with insult, his spirit arose
Like a long-baited lion enchained.

He struck with firm courage the blow of the brave,
But sighed for the carnage that spread;
He indignantly trampled the yoke of the slave,
But wept for the thousands that bled.
Though he threw back the fetters and headed the strife
Till man's charter was fairly restored,
Yet he prayed for the moment when freedom and life
Should no longer be pressed by the sword.

Oh! his laurels were pure, and his patriot name
In the page of the future shall dwell;
And be seen in the annals the foremost in fame,
By the side of a Hoffer and Tell.
Revile not my song; for the wise and the good,
Among Britons, have nobly confessed
That his was the glory, and ours was the blood
Of the deeply-stained field of the West.


Music: PA150

On the broad arched sky, when the queen of night
Goes forth in her robes of peerless white;
Or the sun breaks out from his golden shroud,
When the storm has passed on the thunder-cloud;
'Mid the starry host, when they wander forth
As sentinels bright o'er the sleeping earth;
Where the comets wander through fields of air,
On their lonely rounds — there is Masonry there

Abroad on the waves of the deep blue sea,
Where the tempests sport in the wildest glee;
And the wild Albatross in its far-off home,
Like a storm-king sits on the wide sea-foam:
Or the placid waves of the rolling deep
Have quieted down in their summer's sleep,
And the seaman, calmed near the tropic's glare,
Woos the cooling breeze — there is Masonry there.

In the curtained halls of the lofty lord,
Where the jewels and wealth of the world are stored,
In the poor man's cot by some silent stream
Where the wild-wood stands in its spreading green:
On the mountains brow — in the valley deep —
In the throbbing pulse, or on beauty's cheek —
In the insect's home — in the lion's lair -
On the earth, sea, or sky — there is Masonry there.


Tune: — "Scots wha hae."

Brethren all wherever you be,
Sons of Light, ye Masons Free,
Honor, Truth, and Yirtue be
Pride of Masonry!
Fervent zeal, with heart and hand,
Love cemented, mystic band,
Firm, undaunted make us stand,
Glorious Masonry.

Masons all, from pole to pole.
Love may guide and truth control,
Sorrows come; — what can condole
Griefs, like Masonry!
Kindly smiling we have met,
Welcome each, and ne'er forget,
Absent ones whom we regret,
Friends of Masonry.

Craftsmen all may love impart
Warm into each honest heart;
Oft consult that faithful chart,
Guide of Masonry.
When the spirit hence hath fled,
Angels guard, their pinions spread,
Joyous crown each Mason's head,
Heavenly Masonry.

First Lines

Hyperlinked In Alphabetical Order

78. A clear bell sounds upon the breeze,
18. Adieu! a heart-warm fond adieu!
31. Ah, when shall we three meet like them,
55. Ah, who that never felt can know,
37. All hail to the morning, That bids us rejoice;
48. Almighty Father! God of Love!
38. Almighty Sire! our heavenly king,
43. Angels! roll the rock away!
62. Arise, and blow thy trumpet, Fame!
41. As, when the weary traveler gains
34. Attention Mark Master you're called to appear
13. Behold! how pleasant, and how good,
2. Blest be the tie, that binds
82. Brethren all wherever you be,
50. Brothers rejoice! for our task is completed,
4. By Masons' art, the aspiring domes,
10. Come, Brothers of the mystic tie
27a. Come, Craftsmen, assembled our pleasure to share,
25. Deep in the quarries of the stone,
3. Father of our feeble race,
24. From East to West, o'er land and sea,
58. From envy, strife, and pride;
6. Genius of Masonry, descend,
75. Grant me, kind Heaven, what I request,
14. Great Architect! Supreme, divine,
49. Great source of light and love,
40. Guide me, 0 thou great Jehovah!
12. Hail Masonry! thou Art divine;
26. Hail, Masonry, thou Craft divine!
27b. Hail! mysterious, glorious science,
17. Hail! sacred art! by heaven designed
57. Hail, to the day! when assembled in union,
47. Hail, universal Lord!
42. He dies; the friend of sinners dies!
8. Here Wisdom her standard displays,
67. How blest is he, whose generous soul
64. Humanity's soft, gentle band
29. I sing the Mason's glory,
22. In whom may we trust? Shall the buckler of power
36. Let Masonry from pole to pole,
46. Let there be light! the Almighty spoke!
23. Let there be light, the first command,
30. Let us remember in our youth,
54. Man dieth and wasteth away,
32. Mark Masters all appear
15. No, never shall my soul forget
60. Not the fictions of Greece nor the dreams of old Rome,
66. O, Charity! thou heavenly grace,
73. O what a happy thing it is,
52. Oh! breathe not his name, let it sleep in the shade,
19. Oh! it came on the ear like the last solemn warning,
72. Oh! Masonry, our hearts inspire,
69. Oh! think when misfortune has withered the heart,
81. On the broad arched sky, when the queen of night
71. Parent of all! Omnipotent
65. Rest, holy pilgrim, rest, I pray,
70. Should the chances of life ever tempt me to roam,
28. Solemn strikes the funeral chime,
45. Sons of a glorious order anointed
21. Still tell my heart of heavenly peace,
16. Sweet is the memory of the night,
79. The lurid sun hung low and red,
80. There's a Star in the West that shall never go down
77. There's a vision once seen never passeth from sight,
51. Thou art gone to the grave, but we will not deplore thee,
76. Three thousand years away have rolled,
7. Thus happily met, united and free,
44. To Heaven's high Architect all praise,
11. Unite, unite, your voices raise;
35. Unto Thee, great God! belong
53. Unveil thy bosom, faithful tomb,
20. We met in love, we part in peace,
63. What is life of love bereft,
9. What joy, when brethren dwell combined,
33. When all was in chaos before the creation,
56. When chaos invested the face of the deep,
5. When earth's foundation first was laid,
1. When from chaotic sleep,
61. When Masonry expiring lay,
39. When orient Wisdom beamed serene,
68. When the star of thy destiny glows,
74. When the sun from the east salutes mortal eyes,
59. While all our nation whelmed in grief,


Song #Writer
13Giles F. Yates
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Song #Writer