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[Transcription Note: It would seem to be a transcriber's job to reproduce a book as accurately as possible. But since this book is available in electronic form elsewhere, I've taken some small liberties with formatting. Indenting and stanza breaks were often not clear, so I've established conventions for them. Poems or stanzas often lapped over onto the following pages for only a few lines, and since computer pages aren't fixed in size, I've moved the orphan lines back to the same page as the bulk of the poem, though the start of the poem is always on the original page. I've divided the book up into multiple files of more manageable sizes. And a very few poems, glaringly in the wrong sections (maybe as teasers for their home sections?) have been moved to where they belong; but this has been done sparingly, and changes noted.
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[The selections from other authors are distinguished by a *star.]

Abide thou here with me,345
A brother bound for distant lands,176
A city set upon a hill,283
*Adieu, a heart-warm, fond adieu,371
A fire was kindled on the plain,280
Again unto the quarry came,147
*Ah, yes, indeed, I am the children's friend,381
A gentle bond, soft as the filmy thread,116
*Ah, when shall we three meet like them,357
Among the pearls of earth,331
*Amid this life of change, how glorious,382
And altogether blest,J31--
And so, at last, we find the basis-stone,127
And who are these, like shadows thin,137
And who is this grave, reverend man who brings,119
And can we know the mind of God,115
A place in the Lodge for me,253
Are graves of men, indeed, a hopeless night,125
As from the Orient, the sun,183
As we glide down the soft-flowing wave,336
Ask and ye shall receive,206
*A signal from the outer gate,388
As on my road delaying,2J4--
As midst the incoherent clash and void,116
As thro' an open window into Heaven,120
At midnight as at noon,163
At last, all things come round at last,20
A wail of sorrowing hearts pervades the Lodge,117
A welcome and a greeting now,352
Ay, Master of the true,188
Bear her softly, Brothers, softly,343
Bear him home, his bed is made,275
Bear on your souls, dear friends, the fond departed,So.--
Before I go to death's dark shore,302
Begin the work of praise,227
*Beneath a royal arch I see,376
Be ours to-night to sing,246
Best type that teeming nature gives,313
Better the day of death,270
Bid them come in, the loving and beloved,334
Bind it once, that in his heart,85
Blessed the man who walks not by advice,121
Book of all books, thou volume most profound,123
Bow the back, ye Brothers dear,145
Bright microcosm of high, celestial types,113
Brothers, met from many a nation,49
Brothers, when o'er my head,258
Build up, ye Crafts, the sacred fane,303
Bury me on the hilltop,264
But who is this in humble weeds,58
By one God created, by one Saviour saved,215
By the deep booming of the Templar's knell,61
By the p dlid hue of those,277
By the sea her memory dwelleth,350
Chronology of Templar matters,69
Come and let us seek the straying,226
*Come, Brothers, assemble, the pleasures to share,386
Come, cease from your labors,210
Come, comrades, let us build,222
Come out, come out, thou glittering brand,55
Come, then, ye Masons wise,185
Come, view the Holy Land, indeed,348
Come, ye that strongly build,98
Consider how the lilies grow,316
Craftsmen, this lesson heed and keep,88
Crown the Sacred Hill,314
Darkly hid beneath the quarry,97
Dead, and where now those earnest, loving eyes,263
Dear Ella, as you watch the flowers of June,327
Dear friends of the Square, let us cherish our faith,45
Departed friend, by thy lone grave I stand,14
Divinest privilege to trowel peace,117
Droops thy bough, O cedar tree,104
Dying, as Jesus died upon the tree,349
Each cooing dove and sighing brow,316
Eastward from Tyre, where the sun,299
Eat and be filled,41
Eloi, lama sabachthanai,61
Embattled hosts are pressing,56
Ended now the Mason's labor,221
Entreat me not, dear friend, to go,332
Erect before Thee,170
Fairest of souls above,331
Faithful to the trust imposed,42
Far away in the West where the savage is straying,187
*Fallen is thy throne, 0, Israel,385
Farewell, Jerusalem, thy sun bends low,301
Flaunting our banners on the breeze,44
"For ages past a savage race,3S6--
For He is good, went up the exultant cry,126
For Jesus' sake, for 0, a weary road,24
Friends ever dear, begin the opening lay,242
From me to thee, from me to thee,112
From Moab's hills the stranger comes,332
From Scotland's bard you have your honored name,279
From the foamy billows won,328
From the hills of old Virginia,204
Groaning in Gethsemane,66
God bless the old Tyler,221
*God said, Let there be light,377
God trusts to each a portion of His plan,160
Go, now, dear friends, take fond farewell,216
Go on thy bright career,171
Good anchorage our Master hath secured,123
Good night, the spirits of the blest and good,347
Gorgeous iu hue, a painted arch is drawn,129
Gray with the frosts of age,315
*Great Source of light and love,389
Green, but far greener is the faith,143,274
Growing, growing, still in numbers,280
Hail to the pen, the day is past,193
Hail, workmen of the mystic labor, hail,208
Happy to meet the sparkling eye,252
Hark from the lofty dome,242
Hark, how the air resounds with death,198
Hark, 'tis the voice of the long-parted years,180
Hark, to the din of drums,25
'Have faith in one another,392
He calleth us to words and deeds of love,23
Heimskringla, home circle,187
Here is a legend that our fathers told,93
Here is a story of the grand old time,352
Here let us muse awhile on far-off scenes,60
He tapped his bottom dollar, Joe,212
He that bath ears to hear,140
His epitaph, a Mason true and good,270
His laws inspire our being,189
His voice was low, his utterance choked,172
Hopeful we look for the long-promised dawning,156
How blest is the home,234
How cold would be the tomb,259
How ever fresh and vigorous,232
*How strong is wine,387
How many a strong right hand,47
How once the furnace fires,120
How pleasant is the scene,217
How sad to the grave are our feet,266
*How shall we raise our dead,378
How sweet is friendship,308
How the souls of friends departed,245
If it were only that you hold within,304
If I were the Master Grand,91
If there be anything within the starry group,342
I hail you, Brother, in the place,209
I heard the happy angels singing,150
In a deep rocky tomb, great King Solomon,305
In dewy morn with day begun,285
In each cold bed a mortal sleeps,262
I never have denied,240
In gladsome mood again we've met,220
In Oriental memories there dwells,128
In some far Oriental land they tell,122
In sultry eve oppressed with heat,124
In the Lodge far away,317
In thought, word and deed,235
I Invested thus in garb of innocence,128
In your own bright California,25
I on the black square, you on the white,92
I saw him first one snowy winter night,268
I seem to see the heavenly book,201
I serve, and my wages are ample,24
I stood beside the grave,165
It flourished in historic earth,252
I thought of Jesus on the hill,36
It is in our hearts, dear Sisters,336
It is the mercy of our Heavenly Priend,177
It is the pride of ancient Masonry,194
It is told in a quaint old nursery tale,360
*It was a happy day,313
It was a happy thought,200
It was a nursing mother, singing low,341
Joyful task it is, dear Brothers,82
King Solomon in his ivory chair,136
*King Solomon stood in his crown of gold,373
Knee, in worship at the Throne,64
Land far away, home of the blest,337
Led by a hand invisible,309
*Let there be light, the Almighty spoke,370
Let us be true; each working tool,76
Let your light shine, the Master said,255
Life is a vapor, how brief is its stay,194
Life's sands are dropping, dropping,103
Lift up your golden heads, ye gates,53
Light from the East, 'tis gilded with hope,338
Like wandering dove whose restless feet,312
*Linger no voices in our island home,371
Lingering notes the echoes stir,135
Lo, from the distant West,216
Lo, God is here, our prayers prevail,246
*Lo, where yon structure rears,383
Lonely is Sion, cheerless and still,193
Long, long ago, the man of Bethany,195
Long may your Lodge tires burn,203
Look, traveler, what name you this,118
Lord, why can I not follow now,22
Low, low, sing low, the surge is heaving,314
Make thou the record duly,168
*Man dieth and wasteth away,359
May I, when given to dust, be laid,266
Men and brethren, hear me tell you,83
Men of the bright inheritance,238
Midst polar snows and solitude,169
Mizpeh, well named the monumental stone,296
Morn, the morn, sweet morn is springing,155
Mournfully lay the dead one here,264
Must we perish, 0, my nation,326
*My Brother of the Mystic Tie,384
'Neath our weeping, 'neath our weeping,298
Never slight a hailing brother,46
Never since 'neath the daisies laid,196
Never will I break the covenant,207
Nobly she stands, a queen,326
No cares shall meet the silent sleeper,128
No human wisdom framed our walls,154
No more the trenchant blade to wield,67
No more to grieve for pleasures gone,212
None idle here, look where you will,114
No, not a gloomy look to-night,237
North, South, East, West, and everywhere,294
Not brought to light, whene'er your call,163
Not far from me, not far from me,236
Not stars alone, but windows,119
Not strength for slaughter, strength to desolate,124
Not useless, cold must be the heart,173
Not where the Saviour bore,23
Now dismiss me while I linger,201
Now, Hosanna, son of David,24
Now the sun is burning dim,138
Now we hail the Junior Warden,247
Now, while the thunderpeal of battle,46
O, Brother of the Mystic Tie,236
O, charming mount, thy flowery sides,290
O crown of thorn, by Jesus worn,16
O, death, thy hand is weighty on the breast,159
O, early search the Scriptures,26
*O, Father, bless this sacred place,376
*O, Holy Bible, book of truth,391
O, gallant Knights in fitting garb arrayed,21
O, happy hour when Masons meet,239
O, ladies, when you bend above,334
O, Lamb of God, 0, Lamb that once,22
O, land of wondrous story,306
O, might I live to see each Mason Lodge,181
O, pity, Lord, the widow, hear her cry,164
O, Prince Emmanuel, Son of God,55
O, weary hearts, so worn and desolate,162
O, welcome home from distant land,231
O, what a goodly heritage,243
O, when before the Lodge we stand,73
*Of a' the scats within our ha',372
Of the waterfall 'tis born,toy--
Off gauntlets boys,44
*Old Tubal Cain was a man of might,374
Old Jephtha Hoys had drilled his boys,223
Once when a sorrowing group was met,293
One hour with you, one hour with you,231
One is your Master, Christ the Lord,15
On hallowed ground these walls are reared,175
On the hills of Mizpeh,330
On the verge of eternity, calmly surveying,271
Our Master journeying o'er the hill,63
Palm leaves to strew o'er our dead,26
Parting on the sounding shore,89
Perish every sword in rust,65
Pining in the prison cell,51
Pity the widow, desolate and poor,333
Precious in the sight of Heaven,18
Prostrate before the Lord,161
Pure and holy resignation,333
Raise thy hands above, sweet mourner,325
Refreshed with angel food we go,251
Rejected, though He came to save,64
Resting in calm repose,20
Rich is song when tuned to passion,346
*Sacred Asylum, where we meet,390
Salem, peaceful city, blest,284
See, midst the multitude the victim stands,330
See, 0, King, the suppliant one,326
Shall we see it, loving Brothers,225
Shame not the Cross,43
She will not die as thief,330
Shipwrecked, nigh drowned, alone,95
So each one stands a narrow line,79
So falls the last of the old forest trees,256
So mote it be, each murmuring sound,208
So when we end this dreary tale of life,123
Speed the spoil, the booty hasten,59
Star of the canopy, 0, beaming star,279
Take this pledge, it is a token,112
Thanks, Brothers, thanks, a noble prize,289
That name, I learned it at a mother's knee,96
The angel of mercy to-night is abroad,349
The Craft in days gone by,269
The day has come,141
The earth may reel from trembling pole to pole,67
The eastern star that first arose,281
The funniest story I ever heard,338
The grace of God directs this implement,120
*The head is stately, calm and wise,379
The jolts of life are many,248
The landmarks of Freemasonry are graven,86
The last, last word, 0, let it tell,206
The light your Lodge is blest to shed,284
The loving tie we feel,233
The Master to the quarry came,146-149
The Master to the quarry came once more,151
The o'erarching sky around our busy sphere,113
The old is better, is it not the plan,81
The Orient gleams with starry beams,23
The perfect ashlars duly set,79
There is one eye through darkest night,211
There is a prayer unsaid,171
There is no guiding hand so sure as His,291
There never was occasion, and there never was an hour,167
There's a change will surely meet us,272
There's a fine old Mason in the North,229
There's never a tear would drop,250
There's pillars two and columns five,252
There's tenfold Lodges in the land,180
There were many with me were glad,184
These walls are tottering to decay,186
The song is set, the sweet accord,285
The soul serene, impenetrably just,117
*The spring has less of brightness,357
The sunbeams from the eastern sky,75
The sun had sunk beneath the western slope,321
The sun is uprising on Scotia's far hills,229
The tear for friends departed,267
*The temple made of wood and stone,352
The veteran sinks to rest,174
The voice of the temple, the tidings of love,317
The war-worn soldier leaves,48
The Word of God, the rule of faith,192
*They've traced in lines on the Parthenon,390
They come from many a pleasant home,102
Think ye that Masons when they tyle,182
Thine in the quarry whence the stone,100
This fair and stainless thing I take,76
This lodge of five from Tyre came,156
This net so strong, of thirty centuries,121
Thoughtfully gazing on this wall,310
Thou sealest up the sum of nature's gifts,122
*Three blissful words I name to thee,393
Through the murky clouds of night,78
Thy gentle face calls up the parted years,121
Thy very tears are precious, holy plant,ITS--
'Tis but one hour, our life is but a span,192
'Tis done, the dark decree is said,261
'Tis good to feel ourselves beloved,189
'Tis said that in the glittering Pleiades,282
'Tis well nigh forty years ago,1oS--
To life's worst labyrinth there is a clew,129
To oldest age the olive yields its wealth,129
Too soon, too soon, alas, for earth and us,124
*To stretch the liberal hand,369
To suffer long, and yet be kind and true,119
To that far land, far beyond storm and cloud,43
To the ardent pilgrim traveling,57
To the far distant shore, the utter past,17
To win the love of woman to our cause,340
Trusty Brother, take this poem,141
'Twas in Damascus on an April day,74
'Twas in the years of long ago,133
'Twas told me by a troubadour,318
Two score and ten revolving years,214
Tyle the door carefully,90
Type of endurance, child of,127
Type of serenity, we think of thee,116
Voice of the ages, wisdom ever new,114
War's hand has sorely tried our brotherhood,50
Watch me, 0, Master, at my work,115
We cannot hear his voice or see,126
We can predict from day to day,162
We do not sigh for pleasures past,22S--
We drink and worship, Author of our life,125
We feed and worship, Author of our life,125
We journeyed up the western flood,190
We'll lay thee down when thou shalt sleep,27(--
We'll set a green sprig here to-night,111
We Masons walk along a road,199
We meet upon the Level, and we part, rr,12
We need not rise above this mundane,130
We meet upon the Level is the Senior Warden',109
We meet upon the naked blade we cross,16
What caution marked the early Craft,127
What changes must this quarry stone,122
What is the Mason's cornerstone,to'--
*What mortal strains invade our ears,36S
When auld acquaintance closing round,241
When cares press heavy on the heart,349
*When first eternal justice bade,392
When God propitious to Ilis people,297
When in the dreams of night he lay,144
When Jesus doth marshal,62
When nature has paid her last debt,273
When placed before the Throne,157
What the great Master comes to view,131
When the kindled wrath,244
When the spirit came to Jephthah,107
When twenty years have circled round,17S--
Where are the Craft who gathered,121
Wherever man is tracing,224
Where have we met, my boys,230
Where hearts are warm with,218
Where is the true heart's Mother Lodge,131
Where is thy Brother,205
Where lies the maid,328
Where should she go if not to him,347
Where the bright acacia waving,351
When two or three assemble round,158
Where types are all fulfilled,258
White, only white, the badge of truth,113
Within this sacred chamber,311
Who can without a sigh behold,257
Who wears the square upon his breast,110
Why have they left us,197
Why tread in gloomy shades,114
Widow mourning for the dead,333
Wildly her hands are joined,325
With oil anointed, Author of our life,126
With true and ardent clasp,307
Worn but not weary, stanch and true,166
Would we, Sir Knights, he freed from care,65
Wreath the mourning badge around,265
Written in Heaven,202
Yea, I believe, although death's cloud,325
Ye blithe and happy few,219
Yes, in yon world of perfect light,134
You wear the Square, but have you got,106
Rob Morris' The Poetry Of Freemasonry has been divided into the following parts: