Tom Olzak

Tom has confirmed that Lotus was intended as a Masonic allegory. This is a variation on haiku, with a syllable pattern of 6-6-4,6-6-4,6-4.


Up from the murky depths,
a single stalk of life
seeking the light.

Up from where its roots draw
life from ancient remains;
ever upward.

Breaking out of darkness;
touching the sun

Thomas W. Olzak

Toledo Fort Industry Lodge #144,
Toledo, Ohio
Tom used to have a website up entitled Masonic Reflections, with the logo you see at the top of this page, with the S&C between a waterfall and a reflecting pool. On it he had some outstanding essays of his "The Winds of Change", "Who is Right?", "Take a Look", "That Which Was Lost" (Short Story) which should still be available on the Internet WayBack Machine. Tom's email is