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Earl W. Owens
  1. The First Line
  2. Side-Liners
  3. Information on E.W. Owens

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

The First Line

It's Lodge Night, and I'm getting ready
To assemble myself with the craft;
I've gone through my lecture so many times
Seems I know it now, both fore and aft.

I'm confident, I guess, and I should be,
For I've spoken many months in a mumble;
I know that the Brethren will all be impressed.
When you're good, it's hard to be humble!

So it's out to the car, and away I go.
Then fear strikes me, clear to the bone;
I'd better go through this, just one more time,
It's my last chance while I'm still alone.

I've hardly noticed this trip at all,
Now suddenly, I'm parking the car;
My heart's beating wildly as I climb the stairs;
I hear voices, not near, but far.

Their lips are all moving, but I don't hear a word,
I have to concentrate on my First Line;
Sure it'll be easier the next time around,
But the trick is to do it the first time.

The Lodge is now open, and the work has begun
The first section's about to come to a close;
Gee, I should have gone to the men's room.
I feel faint, and I can't breathe through my nose.

They've just called my name, and I've taken my place
Boy! They don't give a feller much time.
And I've lost my book in a shirt with one pocket!
And I can't remember my First Line!

I've learned a good lesson. It is I who's impressed.
And I shall never forget this first time.
After all of the prompting, I now am convinced,
Know it all as good as the First Line!


There's a certain group of people
Who much credit never get.
They do not give the Lectures
Or in the Big Chair, ever set.

Just the "bearers of burden"
These fellows of yours and mine.
They give their all for the building
Laying one stone at a time.

They will never be presented
In the East for our applause.
Still we could not do without them
They're so important to our cause.

They do not see the Trestle Board
Or behold the Grand Design.
Just cheerfully give to their Master
Laying one stone at a time.

So you tell me, as we gather
Who with Grand Honors we show?
Is it the sailboats so lovely,
Or the breeze that makes them go?

At last! Well done! Faithful servant
You've run your race just fine.
Enjoy the fruits of your labor,
From laying one stone at a time!

written sometime prior to Jan.2004

Earl W. Owens

Belpre (Ohio) Lodge #609
PDDGM - 17th Masonic District of Ohio