Table of Contents

C. Pylate Price
  1. A Smaller Place
  2. Masonic Light
  3. The Newest Mason
  4. Masonic Emblem
  5. Information on Bro. Price

This interesting piece was submitted by Brother C. Pylate Price from Sampson Lodge #231 in Highlands, Texas. It is a pleasure to be able to post this piece.

A Smaller Place

Freemasonry makes the world a smaller place
Everywhere you go you see a friendly face
Whether you travel near or far
No matter where you are

We stand together and help fellow Masons and others
There is always close by some of your brothers
Freemasonry is good and moral down to the letter
It takes good men and makes them better

You have friends and brothers everyplace
Masons make the world better for the human race
Freemasonry is benevolent although not loud
To be a Mason I certainly am proud


Masonic Light

With the light of thirty-three thousand suns,
Freemasonry illuminates the darkest corners of the earth;
The benevolence of our gentle craft,
Is a blessing from the Great Architect Of The Universe.

To all mankind,
Beyond the boundaries of limits
Set only by crippled feeble minds,
Through the perils of endless time —

Our Masonic brotherhood perseveres,
Quietly serving others, sometimes out of sight.
For breaking the darkness
Is the illuminated brightness of Masonic Light!


Brother Price writes: "I got to thinking about what makes a man want to become a Mason and I penned this new poem."

The Newest Mason

A man named Joe wants to be better.
Than what he is; an average Joe,
Right straight down to the letter.
One day he sees a man help out a motorist
who broke down on the busy dirty dusty freeway:
And finds out that man is a Mason the very next day,
Another time a man who wore a Masonic ring
helped his wife Jessica fix her Jeep Cherokee
When she asked Joe what the ring meant; he said
the Good Samaritan; a Freemason he must be,
On another occasion a pack of wild stray dogs
viciously attacked Joe’s son Jack, and would have ripped him apart!
Except he was saved by three men of brave heart!
All three of them were Freemasons; Joe had found out.
When he thanked them at the medical clinic in town.
He was impressed and thankful without a doubt.
Joe asked, Could I join your Fraternity?
Because I’m so impressed with the men of your Lodge,
but I’m just an average Joe.
The large bearish looking Mason named Sam said,
I will see you through the process, so
You will become a brother.
Where we are all on the level with one another.
And in great company!
You will be.
The newest Mason!

April 27, 2006

Masonic Emblem

The square and compasses and the letter G
I proudly wear for the world to see,
It's the most recognized emblem in Masonry.

When you wear it on your ring or cap
It lets people know we're still on the map;
And many more brothers I do meet
When I walk down a strange street.

Folks should see that we do right,
For Masons are the sons of light;
The fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man.
For our great fraternity the emblem does stand.

C. Pylate Price

Sampson Lodge #231, A.F.& A.M.
Highlands, Texas