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There was no third issue per se, but several interim mailings were made, which I've compiled here.

  1. Call for articles, poems, art, etc. 24-Sep-2005
  2. New Poems 27 Mar 2006
  3. The Newest Mason by Bro. C. Pylate Price 29 Sep 2006
  4. Weep Not for Me by Robert P. May 29 Sep 2006
  5. A Sonnet for the Order of the Eastern Star by Owen Lorion 10 Oct 2006

Call for articles, poems, art, etc.

24 Sep 2005
Posted By Owen Lorion

We are past due for another issue of the MPS Proceedings. Because of the military assignment of the previous edition's editor, he must remain incommunicado, so any materials you may have sent to him, including letters of comment, he has been unable to pass on to me; please dig through your files and send me a duplicate copy. Also any new poems, articles, and, oh yes, I'd like to have a few, small bits of artwork in this issue. Perhaps a line drawing inspired by your poem, or a better version of the "square, compasses, & laurel-wreath-tilted-like-a-G" logos that I've drawn on the website, or a cartoon or comic strip.

If anyone likes werewolf novels, I have a review copy of one in PDF format that has a tangential Masonic connection. I read it, didn't like it, and so would rather pass it on to someone who might give it a better review, either this issue or next. The book is "Damned Nation" by Bro. Nick Pollotta. It's a fast read, and a good action story, but it takes place during the American Civil War, and the historical inaccuracies I was aware of overwhelmed me. Someone less steeped in the period should be able to enjoy it better. If you're wavering, you can check out the first chapter here

I still have a lot of names without e-mail addresses, but four stand out. I know someone getting this has current eddresses for these people, so would you forward this to them, please:

Those of you who haven't signed up for the newsletter yet, please do.

27 Mar 2006
Posted By Owen Lorion

New Poems at MPoets

I've been very remiss is getting a new issue of the Proceedings out, so as a stopgap, here's a partial list of new poems that have been sent in and added on the website within the past year.

New Poems

29 Sep 2006
Posted By Owen Lorion

The Newest Mason

by Bro. C. Pylate Price
Sampson Lodge # 231
Highlands, Texas A.F.& A.M.

A man named Joe wants to be better.
Than what he is; an average Joe,
Right straight down to the letter.
One day he sees a man help out a motorist who broke down on the busy
dirty dusty freeway:
And finds out that man is a Mason the very next day,
Another time a man who wore a Masonic ring helped his wife Jessica fix
her Jeep Cherokee
When she asked Joe what the ring meant; he said the Good Samaritan; a
Freemason he must be,
On another occasion a pack of wild stray dogs viciously attacked Joe's
son Jack and would have ripped him apart!
Except he was saved by three, men of brave heart!
All three of them were Freemasons; Joe had found out.
When he thanked them at the medical clinic in town.
He was impressed and thankful without a doubt.
Joe asked, Could I join your Fraternity?
Because I'm so impressed with the men of your Lodge, but I'm just an
average Joe.
The large bearish looking Mason named Sam; said I will see you through
the process so.
You will, become a brother.
Where we are all on the level with one another.
And in great company!
You will be.
The newest Mason!

©2006 C. Pylate Price

Weep Not for Me

(To Jacques DeMolay, a true Knight)

by Robert P. May

I followed God's will and fought the good fight.
No more can one seek in this life.
My courage was forged in battle and shines in the light.
My honor was honed in the midst of the strife.

Though the fire now burns my flesh, it purifies my soul.
My love of God is simple and true.
No king and his pope can take their toll
And make me bow and say what they construe.

Weep not for me, I pray thee. I am at peace with my God.
Weep for those who tried me and placed me in peril.
Theirs is the sin for on truth they have trod
And the robes of arrogance and greed their apparel.

The flames now rise and me they surround.
I've no regrets, and those that deceived are the cursed.
It's honor I sought and honor I've found.
And in these final moments as I die I see the cross.

10 Oct 2006
Posted By Owen Lorion

A Sonnet for the Order of the Eastern Star

Last night, Monday, October 9, 2006, my wife, Brenda Watson, was installed as Worthy Matron of her O.E.S. chapter (for the third time, second time at Santa Fe #19). In honor of the occasion I wrote the following sonnet.

Hail the Glory of the Eastern Star,
All give hail from near and far!
Honor give to its sisters five,
Choicest of women then alive
Adah Ruth Esther; Martha, Electa,
Each one chosen to be an exemplar;
Assigned a color, a brilliant hue
For the lesson taught that is her due.
Red green white, yellow and blue
Symbols of fidelity, loyal and true;
The pentagram, the five-pointed star,
shines out to the world what you are:
A light in the East, a banner unfurled,
Making a difference, changing the world!

Bard Owen Lorion, Webmaster and Contributor,
Masonic Poets Society