Toast to the Vistors

Tonight I have the pleasure
(Of this I must confess)
To give this toast to all of you,
Our Visitors and Guests.

The fellowship you bring tonight
With nothing can compare.
You know we like to see you,
And we're always glad you're there.

The harmony, chat, and jokes we share,
With both our old, and new found friends...
We wish that it could last for hours,
And somehow never end.

But, all good things must end at last,
As we go our separate ways.
We hope that you enjoyed yourselves,
And will come again someday.

And now I ask the members stand,
To raise a glass in cheer,
A toast to all our visitors
Who've supported us this year.

Reportedly used in both England and Australia.

Solomon, Hiram of Tyre,
and Hiram Abiff

To him who all things understood;
To him who furnished stone and wood;
To him who nobly spilt his blood,
In doing of his duty;
We hail the day! We hail the morn!
On which those three great men were born!
Who did the temple thus adorn
With wisdom, strength and beauty.

Author unknown, c.1860

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Game Day Grace

God bless the meat, the veggies and the condiments.
God bless the Jews, the Catholics and Protestants.
God bless the Buddhists, the Hindu and Muslim;
And Lord, if you've any Blessings left,
the Home Team sure would love 'em!

Altered by okl from an anonymous poem that ended
"God bless the Muslims, and God bless the strangers;
And Lord, if you've any blessing left,
God bless the Rangers!