Table of Contents

  1. Naked Not Bare
    Stephen Brockelman
  2. Step 'Round the Altar
    Stephen Brockelman
  3. The Three Degrees in Haiku
    Ted Berry
  4. Stellar Haiku
    Owen Lorion
  5. The Working Tools
    Owen Lorion
  6. Gone
    Ted Berry
  7. Lesser Lights
    Ted Berry
  8. Rational Mystics
    Ted Berry

  9. Links                                                              .


by Brother Stephen Brockelman

Naked not bare
Conducted around

This unnamed poem by Brother Stephen Brockelman is experimenting with variations of Japanese verse forms such as Senryu which alternate 5-7-5 and 5-7-7 stanzas to form longer poems than the short 3-line haiku.

Step 'round the altar
ne'er trusting the dark need light
conductor guiding

Hoodwink off bright white
Bible holding tight have word
A grand man clothed aprons says

Spring awakes hands shake
Just now knowing what's a man
I've begun what's next to learn

So a Mason then
And having met Hiram there
What I do is Craft.

The Three Degrees in Haiku

by Brother Ted Berry

The Hoodwink

Kneeling in darkness,
the hoodwink removes itself
of its own accord.


In a private place,
lies a sacred place and there,
within, lies a Word.

Darkness Again

In darkness once more.
Struck down by an unseen blow.
I will rise again.

Stellar Haiku

by Brother Owen Lorion

Allegory is
the life of haiku, just as
for Masonic light.

Three: the Sun, the Moon,
and the Star of the Lodge, the
Worshipful Master.

Five: Corinthian,
Doric, Iconic, Tuscan,
Composite: Pillars.

Seven: Grammar, Speech,
Logic, Math, Geometry,
Music, the Heavens.

The Working Tools

by Brother Owen Lorion

The working tools of
Masonry are the Level,
Square, and Compasses.

Level, to even,
that no Mason be inclined
to pride or hauteur.

Square, to be upright,
honest in everything
to God and to Man.

Compasses divide
inside circle from out;
passions hold in check.

The working tools of
Masonry are the Gavel,
Gauge, Plumb, and Trowel.

Gavel, setting maul,
blunt tool for rough shaping of
a man's character.

Gauge of twenty-four,
measures of the length of days,
divided three ways.

Plumb, vertical angle
right to the Earth; are we

Trowel, Master's tool,
for once the cement has set
there can be no change.

These next three arrived together in Sept. 2007, though I don't think Ted meant them to be a trilogy like his ones above.

Lesser Lights

by Brother Ted Berry

The three lesser flames
Arranged around the altar
Shed a sublime light.

Rational Mystics

by Brother Ted Berry

Freemasonry is
The high art of creating
Rational mystics.


by Brother Ted Berry

Then it came to me.
It did not really matter
If the flesh was gone.


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